Book Crossing

If this has been discussed before, then tell me to shut up.

Has anyone heard of the web site called Book Crossing?

It may be a way for the group to exchange and pick up books.

I looked into it a while ago, and was quite surprised to see that my nearest pick up / drop off point was the local M. Bricolage.

Anyway, I thought it might interest the group to take a look at the site.

Thanks Helen, i think I have seen it and then forgotten about it! Welcome to the group, by the way...what took you so long?

You go there Sarah!

I’m releasing Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell into the wild tomorrow at Carrouf. It’s in English so wonder how it’ll do!

I love this idea. I was a member of in England, which was fab; wish there was something like that here! I am definitely going to look in to it! I think it’s ace that books go on journeys! A blogger friend of mine sent an Angelina Jolie doll around the world and everyone contributed to the blog - I like the idea of things going on jouneys.

Interesting, but I can't work out how you get a book sent to you. Will have to take a closer look.