Booking Scam?

Anyone been approached by a chap called Dr Kyle McGary?

He's trying to bok my b&b for January - but i have issues with his payment

cheers T

I always explain that we cannot take their large payments to include third parties as it is against french law - but I daresay apart from their scam in trying to take your money, you would also have a huge problem explaining to your accountant why you had been paid £6000 by one customer which tips you over the tax threshold!

Yeh we had simon cowell too.... seems to be an awful lot over the last few weeks, more than in previous years.

Hi Jeanette

we had the film producer one. They always say 'we want to stay in your place' or 'we have decided to stay at your place' without even asking first if you have availability or saying please and the 'your place' I think that is a translation of the french chez vous - your place!.

Yeh know the feeling wished they did come up trumps... we could go a bundle on the money... well the RSI could who have decided we owe them 10K when we don't.

Can't see anything about him on Google, I had an experience with Dr Alex Cole earlier this year and his scam was all over the internet. He paid me a cheque for £6000 and asked me to take what he owed me and send the rest to someone in London, by Post Office. The cheque hadn't cleared so I couldn't make the payment, and then I found out that it was a scam! A couple of days later, the cheque was withdrawn as "unpaid"

If he's not paying by the normal channels, then don't accept his payment and report him to the Police

Hope this helps :-)

Just like Keith and Jeanette we have loads of these every week - including one or two from Dr Simon Cowell! The Lay My Hat forum has a very useful section on scams, but as with most things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it normally is.


Yes I'm afraid we to0 have the same e-mails as Keith .
This year I have also had e-mails from collages in Uk who are apparently bring over a party of students but contact number is a mobile no.
Latest one is film producer who is making a film in the area . Wanted to know if I had vacancies for a certain week but could change to any week I had a vacancy.
As said language is usually stilted and yes worded in a way we just don't speak ( I would use the word Flowery)
Good Luck .

Ha! Brilliant - i KNEW it - it's my first year and of course we get giddy when someone wants to book 4 rooms for two weeks in January...

i've just had the translator email! - if he send me 5000 euro can i pay the translator.

Merci B Kevin

(the husband will be so upset - he has great plams for the money!)

We have had lots of doctors, engineers etc try to book in all for anytime between November and January - all of the language stilted, nearly all want three weeks and 'want to stay in our place, in our country' often ask for availability or will move their meeting to acquire available date with us. The best on of all is 6 greek priests coming over to stay in 3 double rooms!

We became used to these the first year of opening when we were pulled in and the final email was they would send thousands of pounds for us to pay translators, car hire etc . But the language is always the same and stilted and they use terms that english people just would not use.

Hope you have better joy.