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Hello, this is my first post, but as an avid reader of your other posts, I am sure this is the place to find an answer to my dilemma.
So… we have recently purchased a property in the Creuse area of Limousin, and have been left with a sol full of possessions of the previous (now deceased) owner. We have been able to find good homes for clothes, crockery etc. but have no idea who might be interested in the huge number of books - these range from classics to books and dictionaries in Spanish - any ideas gratefully considered. Regards, June

Hi June,
we ‘acquired’ a lot of books when buying our house in France and took them all to the village library.


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Well done Ray…

We are always pleased with book donations… in any language…

Good morning, Ray.
Thanks for the suggestion. Our village is too small to have its own library, but I’ll try in some of the local towns. Regards, June

Good morning, Stella.
Would you like our books? Where are you based? Would be pleased to bring them to you if feasible. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, June

Hello June
Croix rouge and Emmaus are always pleased to have donations of books and also pre-loved furniture and clothes in good condition if you have those too. I buy most of my books from them and then re-donate after I have read them. It’s a good way to support these charities and you get to meet some interesting people too ! :slight_smile:

Hello Ann.

Many thanks - I’ll make some contacts next time we’re over for a holiday.

Kind regards, June

Hello June - I don’t know if you have found a home for your books yet - but I am opening a second hand bookshop in Villefagnan, and would be interested if you still need to get rid of them!
Kind regards


My next door neighbour is in a similar position. They have a whole garage full of books, and I mean full, from floor to ceiling.
Some must be very old, at least 100 years old. Emmaus and Secours Catholique aren’t interested and we don’t have a library in the village either.
I will be following your suggestions with great interest.
We are in the heart of the Pays Basque.

Hi Elaine.

Many thanks for your Email.

Ours is a very sad case as the previous owner of our property was quite young when she died.

The family (niece, etc.) cleared the house of all the good furniture, etc. but left the sol chocca full of what they must have thought was rubbish. However, I have found some silver spoons which I am having auctioned here in the UK, and we’ll arrange for the money to be donated to a French cancer charity. I have donated some of the everyday china to a local animal welfare centre, and hope to sell some of the clothes on Ebay, again to raise funds for charity.

So really its just the books - they are so heavy to move, but they look as if they are the lifetime’s work of this lady who was a teacher, so I am determined to move them on to a good home.

I received an Email today from a lady who is opening a second - hand bookshop, so this might be an option. I’ll find out in which area she is based and let you know.

Kind regards, June

Hello Wendy.

Many thanks for your Email.

You are very welcome to have all of the books; however, we are about an hour’s drive east of Limoges and I believe you are about the same distance west of the city?

We are at home in the UK at the moment, but are hoping our next visit will be at the beginning of July, when we will be travelling to Limoges for at least one day to start ordering furniture etc. for our gite.

Perhaps I could Email you nearer the time, and if you are happy to give me your mobile no. I could ring you when we are in France and we could arrange to meet up in/near Limoges if that is convenient for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, June

Hi June
That would be brilliant - thank you so much!

We are about 100 km from Limoges, but I’m sure I can arrange something. When you say ‘huge number’ is that a car load, or a van load? I take it they are French books - do you know what sort - fiction, non-fiction, old or new?

I’m hoping that my shop will become something of a community hub - apart from selling books in English and French, local artists will be displaying and hopefully selling, their work, and I’ve put out feelers with the primary school to get the local children interested and involved. Fingers crossed!

I see another lady has replied to you, down in the Pays Basque, I’d be really interested in her books as well - but distance may be a problem there, but I’m sure a solution could be found!

Hope to hear from you,

Best wishes


Hi Elaine

I’m the lady opening the second-hand bookshop, and could well be interested in your neighbours books.Would you mind telling me why Emmaus doesn’t want them?

We are in the north Charente, so a fair way from you, but possibly we could sort something out. Any idea how many books there are?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards


Our neighbours had a whole house full of furniture etc. Emmaus wanted them to list every single item in the house before they would even consider coming to collect the contents. Some of the books and most of the furniture have now gone … mainly to the déchetterie.
I can confirm, however, that there is still a garage full of books. You would need a large van at the minimum to take them all.

I am expecting Eric to be back working on the renovation, within the next week or so and will talk to him regarding the books and then contact you further.


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Thanks Elaine - I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes