Books for teacing English to the French

We are moving, and so I will , very shortly, next week if I get over the flu, have a lot of text books/games etc etc for teaching English to the French, as we are moving to Portugal they will NOT be needed on the voyage!!I also suspect I am beyond wanting to teach anymore! Would there be anyone who would like them? For a very small contribution to the kitty perhaps? How about a bottle of wine against a bag of books??? I need all the help I can get with packing!!!

The year I spent there the French living on the Algarve were far better at learning Portuguese than I was, given I had Spanish to give me a hand in. Doubt any of them there could give a **** about English, too happy enjoying the sun.

You could always hang on to them Annie - I could just see you happening on a huddled little colony of french expats, somehow stranded in Portugal and desperate to learn English!

Hope the flu goes quickly :)