Boom in Charente

Did anyone else besides us and our neighbours hear the boom in Charente a few minutes ago? We thought something had hit our roof and the side of our house. Near Ruffec.

Hi, yes pretty much the same happened here.
We’re about 20 mins south of Ruffec.

Well, that’s a relief. I think it must have had something to do with a heavy aircraft sound that passed over then, too, but it didn’t sound like any sonic boom I’d ever heard! Thanks.

Yup, we heard it too in 16260
probably a military aircraft breaking the sound barrier accentuated by the foggy conditions

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and here in Correze!


or Trump pressing the button…

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:rofl::grimacing::flushed: worrying…

Heard it in Roumazieres-Loubert 16270.

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I heard the sound of what I recognised as B52’s going over in the night about six weeks ago here in 71.
Before anyone says how can I know what they sound like, we lived on the flight path to Fairford from where they undertook the bombing of Libya.
It is truly awesome and frightening and when they all left at staged intervals our house shook and I had a stinking headache.
I can only say that I felt truly sorry for anyone underneath them when they were in war mode.

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Strange, I was out and about halfway between Charente and Correze and heard nothing.

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We heard it and we’re over an hour away

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‘Twas this, apparently:


Well I did fall out of bed at about that time !

Big noises behave in odd ways. The sound of the atomic bomb[s] expoding in Japan was plotted by reports of people on the ground or at sea. There was a ring - a sort of reverse do-nut - around both cities where the sound was not heard.

Reports from those at sea - both are coastal cities - told of seeing the flash and the mushroom cloud but never hearing anything. Yet reports from people further away did hear the explosions.

We have two that fly training exercises over us every Monday morning when we’re doing a pilates class. If they’re late it’s annoying as we end the class with 10 minutes relaxation…boom!

I lived just down the road. I’m sure we’ve had this conversation before though! Nice place, Fairford :blush:

Yes, you used to drive over Minchinhampton Common and we Lived in Bureigh, just off it.
I had a horrendous car accident turning right into Bownham Park, just before the Hotel, I was hit from behind and pushed into the path of an oncoming car.
I was very lucky to be driving an MGB GT and the chassis and the rubber bumpers saved us from being killed.

The same phenomenon was noted during the First World War. The sound of artillery could be heard in some locations distant from the front but not in others closer.

I am envious, would like to see/hear them. Occasionally we have’ fighter’s’ zoom over, but I can only catch sight of them if I am really quick :worried:

You need to look ahead of where the sound is coming from.
I wouldn’t be too envious if I were you. Even sub-supersonic they are VERY noisy when they are flying low - especially if there are two or three of them. Not great for the local dogs and horses etc (or humans come to that - when they are right overhead the sound goes right through me). They track up and down the Garonne and the Lot - some weeks one way, some weeks the other. I understand they are coming out of Mont de Marsan.