Booster vaccinations

Interesting set of information including under items five, six and seven that one month after the six month booster jab date is reached for those aged over 65 (at the moment) the health pass
is automatically deactivated If a booster is not obtained within the following month.

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This has been posted and discussed on a numberof other threads, John!

Due to hit the 50s to 65s too.

Booster done. The triple play of astra, Modena and Pfizer. Small steps…arms a bit stiff, wet nose and sleepy….

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Whoops…though I did do a search to see what came up under booster so must have missed it !

My daughter in Munich had a very sore arm after her booster. She will be 44 on the 1st January.
She is now working from home until March, unless there is a very pressing reason for her to go into the office.
Siemens in Munich has revoked the automatic card passes for all of its employees and only those with up to date vaccination, Covid recovery or an up to date test are allowed to go to work.

My understanding is that it’s six months and fifteen days, which is a tad worrying as our six months begins on Dec 1 and we still haven’t got a booster appointment. Furthermore, I’ve read that the existing jabs’ protection seems to decline considerably after five months.

6 months and 5 weeks I think.DrMark.

This time round I think it was Angela who gave the link as this round, so far it shows a lot more places than Doctolib

I think this is the link Santé.fr | Lot: centres, établissements et pharmacies vaccinant contre la Covid-19 adjust to your own département

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Our pharmacie in the Aveyron has just told us to wait and that we’ll be notified. I just don’t want to be pushed to the back of the queue by all these eager over-forty youngsters.

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My recommendation is to have a look on vite ma dose or just go into a pharmacy if you know they do vaccinations. We showed up on Saturday and they said there was very low take-up. So get in there. Hopefully we were not the lucky few. Yes we are outside the six months but I got the impression the pharmaciens are logically more interested in getting as many done as quickly as possible.

Achy arm and aches this morning but otherwise okay.

Sorry to hear that as I stated below we had the get em done approach. Makes sense as collective immunity is also important.

Seems like a good response. I long since lost confidence in my company’s handling.

Well we are having ours done exactly six months to the day and the pharmacy is perfectly happy about that.
We had AZ before and will be having Moderna for the booster.

I think I would prefer …

Its a Modena, close :relaxed:

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We asked our infirmières about the booster when they gave us the flu jab. They rang the nearest centre and made us each an appointment on the spot. Very good service!

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Can’t you just pop down to pharmacy and get it done. You might not even need an appointment as was the case with our recent flu jabs.

Interesting thought about the covid passport self expiring deleting about one month after the six month wait period for the booster. Several local places we regularly visit having seen our passport now don’t ask for it so unless they suddenly ask again they wouldn’t know it has expired.
Second thought…the French certificate expires if a booster is not done within the seventh month after the second dose so how will a uk visitor who hasn’t had a booster within this time frame go on as this is not a uk regulation …minor issue but does show how technology often has unintended consequences!

Our local CCAS has an appointment-free afternoon per week where you can get the jab.