Bordeaux Newbies - a bit about us

Hi again,
I have posted earlier regarding finding accommodation to rent / lease in the Bordeaux area.
Thought it might help if we told you something about us.
So Ness is currently a police officer in Avon and Somerset Constabulary- and she has retrained as a personal fitness coach and general fitness instructor.
I am an independent consultant who, in the UK, specialises in instructional and organisational design and development with a focus on human performance enhancement within organisations and businesses. I am also a qualified counsellor and ...a recovery coach, and also coach in businesses and with individuals who seek to improve their life performances.
In Bordeaux we want to set up a business that helps people to achieve both physical and emotional wellbeing - so a bit like a gym for thinkers. :)
We believe that we can help people improve the quality of their lives by helping them change the way they think about themselves and their lives. we are hoping to move to Bordeaux in late October of this year and to set up our business almost immediately. We would love to meet anyone who is interested in what we do / offer. So if you are in the same or similar field yourself, or if you are curious as to what this might look like.
And of course, we would dearly love to meet someone who can help us to get a foothold in the city by finding a apartment or maison to rent. I should have mentioned that whilst we would love to live in the city centre (and who wouldn't) we think a place in somewhere like Le Bouscat or Merignac would be great.
Please do drop me and / or Ness a line or chat on here. would be lovely to know we are not the only ones who find this whole house renting deal a bit mysterious and confusing

thanks again

Shaun and Ness

Tell me more about your "Life coaching" please.

Not for me....But possibly for clients...

I work with a very proactive, vibrant Travel Agency....for want of a better title and we/they

are always looking at alternative holidays.

My place is a touch quirky and we take what we do very, very seriously and have very

special clients.

You can get in touch if you wish ....we are a bit more than an hour from Bordeaux....

FABULOUS area....33890.