Bordeaux wine festival and tall ships - Update 14 June

Apparently the tall ships will be in Bordeaux from the 14th June coinciding with the wine festival.
Has anyone been to the wine festival in Bordeaux before and if so what is the best time of day to visit and is their anything specific to head for.

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Hi Teresa

This link comes in French and English… and is the official website… so gives you a good idea of what is going to happen…must be something for every taste…:relaxed:

The Agenda looks thrilling…

Thanks. We have friends over that week so thought it would be a good day out.

Watch some of the Tall Ships arriving… :heart_eyes:

L’Hermione in Bordeaux… put on full screen… marvellous

Thank you. They’re impressive.

Look at these pictures on Full Screen… you can almost smell the sea… :hugs:

They will be at Bordeaux until the 18th… if you get a chance to visit… :relaxed:

Practical information for the would-be visitor…