Boris Johnson - liar, fraud and just plain stupid

Of course, it depends on the individual… it would not be any help if the good ones did not aspire to be able to “make a difference” - if the opportunity arose.

Anyway… I knew him from before I was old enough to vote… so I knew the man himself… and his family… rather than “just” as an MP (who went on to become a well-respected public figure…)

There are a few good ones in every generation…perhaps

Excellent Minister of Agriculture.

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If one looks around the world at this time it is appalling to see how many cretins and chancers are in with a chance! Johnson, the man who scuttled away when he won the referendum vote - as ‘not being the man to progress it through’ or words to that effect is just one turd on the top of the fetid heap, but as others have noted probably the best qualified to lead the UK after TM. Which says a huge amount about the UK voters.
Then again here wa have Le Pen leading the field, and Trump as President of the USA, Orban leading Hungary and so the sordid list goes on.
Hard to move away from the conclusion that we deserve the Leaders we get?

Amazon looks to buy deliveroo after failing Grayling offers them a £50m contact to deliver brexit

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At least Ukrainians were brave enough to elect a professional comedian!


The following tells you all you need to know about the current state of the Tories.

Any party which puts Boris as the candidate most likely to be “up to the job” and " competent" is deluded.


But look at the depth of talent! Maybe its relatively competent? Relative to say… Chris Grayling?

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If someone held a gun to my head and said vote for one of this lot I would (reluctantly) support Hunt, absent a gun I would ask for a fresh set of candidates.

I’d take the bullet rather than be seen to support any of this lot.

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or a confirmatory referendum? :crazy_face:

Referendum or not it would take a gun held to my head to support any of that crowd.

I am so stealing that line!


Michael Heseltine, a Tory Deputy Prime Minister, is going to vote Lib Dem in the European Elections.
He is disgusted with the Tory Party’s stand on Brexit and there is a new caucus appearing in the Tories to take them back to the centre.
I can’t help but think they should have been doing that a long time ago.

I’m trying to find the post where BJ commented on ‘spaffing’ and it reminded me of it after seeing the pictures of führer farridge covered in a banana and caramel yoghurt whilst on the campaign trail yesterday :grin:

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Maybe the gun is pointed in the wrong direction?

Deluded is a very mild term - ‘insane’ would seem more relevant.
Isn’t this the guy who ran away when the Brexit vote said he had won?
Isn’t this the guy who said ‘F*** Business’?
Isn’t this the guy who referred to black african children as ‘piccannies’?
Isn’ this the guy whose head is so far up Trumps backside (sharing space with Farage)
plus a US birthright, albeit of German descent?
I won’t even consider the more localised idiocies etc of the man.

Yet the Tories, and probably the majority of the UK believe he would make a ‘good Leader’ of the Country?

Well Britain all I can say is you deserve the shit that is about to descend on you


Unfortunately Norman, I still have to live and work here for at least another four years…

@Sam_Gish “…stealing that line”

Sam, you can have it, as a grateful gift from yours truly :grinning: Make it your own! Couldn’t find a nicer destination. :hugs:

Yes, you and others like you have my sincerest sympathy. Maybe we will all be consoling each other if the Polls are right here as well. I just re-read Le Pen’s diatribe, and had a small laught to myself when she rails against ‘financial rackets’ amongst another heap of garbage. At least she knows something about that particular item doesn’t she?

Let’s hope the Polls are as wrong as ever, and the latent sense of the French will see her apparent lead disappear! Mind you not much in the other lot are encouraging are they? My vote is clear though, and as a First-time Voter in France I will see it isn’t wasted (hopefully).

Farage should be grateful it was only a milk shake he got thrown at him. If he ever got power I am sure he would be doing far worse to far more - FAR-age? Hadn’t thought of that.

Seriously and all jokes apart - can’t the English see through these chancers and fakers?