Boris Johnson - liar, fraud and just plain stupid

Should something a person said 24 years ago preclude them from public office?

If it was just that one thing then perhaps not but with BJ there is so much else that makes him entirely unsuitable for high office. Whether it’s his inability to tell the truth, his sexual incontinence, flipping between leave and remain to suit his own political aspirations, his various racist comments including Muslim women looking like “letter boxes” and calling black people “picaninnies” (apologies for using that word) and so many other reasons that have been listed here before.
Great question though Tim!
Izzy x

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An interesting question when people are being hounded for things they said on social media as teenagers.

If it is readily apparent that they realise the comment was inappropriate and can show that they have become a different person in the intervening 24 years then probably not, of course it does depend on the comment to an extent.

Is there any evidence Johnson has changed in the last 24 years though?

Thought not.

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if anything, he has worsened…

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Last week, several high-profile fee-paying schools, including Dulwich college, Latymer upper school and Westminster school, were named in testimonies and faced accusations of a failure to address “rape culture”.

He needs to be made to look totally foolish. as he needs to be admired and respected.

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I think what saves him is that he was a journalist at the time, I believe the story first surfaced in 2019 and I guess has only been repeated because of the recent 25th anniversary of the tragedy.

How the <expletive deleted> does being a journalist at the time exonerate him.


That’s not what I said Paul, if he had been an MP or a minister at the time then he could well have been in serious bother but he wasn’t and journalists can pretty much get away with saying anything they want.


Doesn’t absolve him though, he was a twat 24 years ago and he remains a twat today.


I think that is a little disrespectful, you should address him fully.

Respectfully he is a lying, racist, corrupt, adulterous twat.


Yes, I agree - he does give twats a bad name.


I bet that you regret that statement!

A bit, I think he’s been a terrible PM and Brexit is, indeed, a total shambles, but apparently they were mad enough to elect him as Tory leader.

I suspect that my view was, in part, wishful thinking,

I am beyond words at present.


The details emerging around the recent report on racism in the UK are now truly shocking.
It was immediately clear that it was biased - the content was ‘debunked by health professionals, academics, business chiefs and crime experts’ - but now it is also becoming clear that the 12 ‘independent commissioners’ didn’t actually write it at all, didn’t even see it before publication, and are now disowning its contents.

But the most worrying aspect is not that it was blatant lies and propaganda, nor actually anything to do with race - but that Johnson et al must have known they would get caught out, but they don’t care.

Truly, this is post-truth politics - right and wrong, true or false really don’t matter anymore.