Born this morning!

An extraordinary thing happened this morning – one of the 2 pregnant female sisters, abandoned when their owner moved house and saved by a neighbour! Started to give birth – 3 babies so far! These amazing creatures are already sharing the care! They are both cleaning and licking the kittens, both eating the placentas, and both being very protective!
These girls arrived too late to sterilise as it would have placed them at risk.

They will all be ready for adoption in 8 weeks time, all neutered, vaccinated and microchipped - watch this space for news!

Here is sis getting in on the act!

Still waiting for big sisters turn! We had a group in last year, 3 mothers and 8 kittens, as they all fed the kittens we hadn't a clue whose was whose!!

Lynn this is lovely. I second Melissa comment, Thanks very much for sharing this story. They are going to be such good Mums to the little ones. That little face between the sisters is so cute. I hope all goes well with them all

I love the little face poking out from between the two of them!

Oh Lynn, thank you for sharing this story and these beautiful pictures. Lucky girl cats, lucky little kittens!

Four babies now, as the photo shows!