Borrocks to Blexit

You couldn’t invent it…


Pritti Awful will probably turn the plane round because of the lock down so everyone will starve to death.
That way the covid19 death figures will be skewed.

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Sorry, wasn’t Brexit supposed to increase employment opportunities for our heroic young lads and lasses on benefits who are constantly having their jobs nicked by EU migrants.

And only about 5000 of them, it turns out, actually want the vacant jobs (out of 90,000 needed).

It’s almost enough to make me want to take a Tory view of benefits.


I was quite surprised that France has a similar problem and is 200K short of agricultural workers as many have gone back to eastern Europe.

Eastern Europeans to be flown in to pick fruit and veg

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So much for all the stupid people I heard saying that there would be English people waiting to fill these jobs!
It is specialised for each crop and piece working applies, on top of a basic wage, so pickers unused to this type of work would be very slow. This would all lead to higher prices in the shops and probably be blamed on the virus, after all it couldn’t possible be a failure in government policy, or could it?

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The thing is that when you point out that this was all predictable the “remoaner, just doing the coutry down” trope gets brought out and polished up.

Once you go too far down any rabbit hole it is difficult to climb back out and Brexit seems to engender a particularly blinkered view of the world.


Hear! Hear! to all that, Paul. And I wonder if we shall ever hear that again, or if it will quietly die post-covid, as politicians grow up.

I shall not gloat or crow if Brexit slowly moulders where it was dumped when Covid came to stride across the globe, treading everything else underfoot. Better not to triumph, just extend a friendly hand to former Brexiteer opponents, let byegones be byegones, and minimise the scars of a war we both lost.

ah but! Doris and his creep Cummings ain’t done yet @Peter_Goble


Unfortunately it is a fait accompli and the goverment is sticking to “full steam ahead” for it, insane though that might seem to the more rational thinkers among us.


I see they’ve just ruled out a transition extension - again.

Just posturing (hopefully).

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This government actively makes me feel sick. See report From ‘The Guardian’ below.

No 10 claims coronavirus crisis strengthens need for UK to be free of EU regulation after 2020

At the Downing Street lobby briefing the prime minister’s spokesman also significantly toughened the UK’s stance on Brexit. The government has always ruled out requesting an extension to the post-Brexit transition period, and it has stuck to that position even though coronavirus has made it increasingly hard to see how the UK and the EU will be able to conclude a trade deal by the end of this year when crisis management is a full-time job and officials cannot even meet in the same room to carry out the negotiation.

But, as James Forsyth , the Spectator’s political editor reports this week, there has been speculation that the EU itself could request an extension of the transition. One theory was that it would be hard for the UK to refuse.

But the UK would refuse such a request, the spokesman said this morning. He told journalists:

We will not ask to extend the transition. And, if the EU asks, we will say no. Extending the transition would simply prolong the negotiations, prolong business uncertainty, and delay the moment of control of our borders. It would also keep us bound by EU legislation at a point when we need legislative and economic flexibility to manage the UK response to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is also interesting about this comment is that it shows No 10 is now arguing that coronavirus strengthens the case for the UK to break away from regulatory alignment with the EU. Opposing regulatory alignment could end up with the UK having to negotiate with the EU on WTO terms (what used to be called a “no-deal” Brexit), although of course the government says it wants a Canada-style trade deal.

Basically they are trying to hide the large shitstorm that is Brexit inside the enormous shitstorm that is the damage to the economy wrought by Covid.


clueless bunch of wankers :hot_face:


They are living in another dimension.

In his latest blog Chris Grey makes a fascinating connection between brexiters and coronavirus/lockdown sceptics - exemplified by Tim Martin, the Wetherspoon’s boss, but supported by research evidence that indicates a relationship between areas with higher brexit votes and lower lockdown compliance…


I enjoyed the characterisation:

It’s always the same people, and always the same blokey, angry, resentful, constantly triggered but can’t-you-take-a-joke-snowflake, sneeringly superior yet self-pitying victimhood schtick.


I liked this line