Bouffi fume = Kipper fume?

I would ring first as it is only a small business.
He gets his fish from Scotland, so it can be a bit hit and miss with he has in stock.
Buxy wine, lovely.

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Love kedgeree.


Non-yellow smoked haddock is virtually the only British food that I miss. And an Arbroath smokie with a poached egg used to make a very fine breakfast. However, I got a smoker for Christmas, so we shall see - apropos, does anyone have a cheap online source of oak chips - all mine are probably contaminated with chainsaw oil?

Grand Frais usually have kippers, bloaters and undyed smoked haddock.

@Jane_Williamson. We went to see our friend last week on market day at St Gengoux. So acquired large cool box full of haddock and mackerel and gravadlax. And the smoked haddock is great - so thank you! (We haven’t tried the rest yet, all in the freezer).

That’s great.
He uses best quality fish.
Gravad lax is really easy to make at home.
If you buy a tail piece it sometimes costs less and is easier to skin.
Serve it with rye bread and a mustard and dill sauce.

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Yes we make our own gravadlax, which is very successful. But even so it’s a real pleasure to be able to buy it ready made from good quality salmon. We rarely buy salmon as hard to find stuff that’s not farmed intensively. And his seems to have good stockage rates, and minimal chemicals etc.

We also smoke our own haddock & mackerel which is less perfect as with a home smoker (ie kettle bbq) you can’t control the temperature very precisely. So again lovely to get really nice fish.

I am pleased that I pointed you in the right direction.

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