Bought any Bubbly lately?

Sad outcome… check the label if you’ve bought any from an “unverified” source, particularly, if your bottle is from Lot number LAJ7QAB6780004

Oh my goodness! How ghastly…
(Good job we tend to get a Cremant if we feel in a bubbles mood…)


"According to the company, the identified bottles, three-liter Jeroboams of the “Ice Imperial” brand, were emptied and filled “with liquid MDMA, a product having neither the appearance nor the characteristics specific to champagne”. .

Inside, the product has a “brown red” color , an “aniseed smell” and does not contain bubbles"

What the hell did they all think they were drinking, I hate the stuff, but I would have known that wasn’t champagne :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:


I didn’t read the article but that does sound rather surprising…

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It’s easy to be wise after the event…
I was surprised myself on reading this report, until I thought through some of the events and celebrations we’ve been to.

Three different countries (so far) have had folk ill/whatever (1 death so far)… and the warning is loud and clear about buying stuff on the internet… be sure one uses verified suppliers.

Frankly, if one is offered a glass of “whatever” at a celebration, one goes with the flow (forgive me)… and sups up…

Many of our French friends will hand round “something” which can be a concoction of almost anything. A drop of violet liqueur added to champagne/white wine looks pretty and tastes delicious ( and so many other liqueurs etc to choose from)…

Red wine with walnut liqueur is great, too… the possibilities are endless.

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From another article about it (I’ll see if I can re find it) although it was supplied, the bottles were poured and served by the restaurant, surely they should have noticed, either the colour, smell or lack of bubbles in a Moet Champaign even if none of attendees didn’t.

If it was supplied by a Guest, the Restaurant would simply serve. It can’t have been obviously “horrible” or the guests wouldn’t have drunk it, surely…

At a well-known Paris Restaurant, we all waited patiently at our tables. The Wine Waiter passed amongst us then wandered off.
OH was thirsty and grabbed his glass, his face said it all… our host sniffed/tasted his own glass and called for the Wine Waiter…
Poor chap, took ages to finally find sufficient bottles which weren’t corked… seems the Restaurant had bought a bad-batch.
OH was praised by our French pals, who admitted to not realizing that Brits knew anything about wine… :rofl:

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Drink and drugs in one, woo hoo party time.


Damn, I’ll have to chuck out all my Moet Jeroboams. Again!


Sadly, when something like this hits headlines… others jump in…
Could well be the beginning of other incidents.
Buyer be Aware… folk need to be on their guard…

Freixenet is my favourite.

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I’m not so keen on that one (it’s my best mate’s favourite though!) but really like a Cremant d’Alsace. However, we were given a gorgeous Cremant de Limoux recently so I may be changing my mind :smiley:


I will have to slow down with my reading, I thought you said Fixedent not Freixenet :relaxed::laughing:

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Limoux- my second favourite!

I only know Blanquette de Limoux :blush: same thing I suspect but Blanquette is the trad one.

Talking of cremant, we have a bottle from Ackerman et Laurent sitting on our wine rack. Bought around 93 or 94, I wonder if it will still be good?

Does vinegar go off :yum::wink::smile:

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Probably not.

whats the first? I was schooled in Bourgougne so will have to sample a Limoux

We’ve a bottle of “Liqueur Gazéifiée” on the shelf… obviously a gift from someone…
La Roussillette is on the label… and it’s 17% alcohol which means it’s a bit stronger than champagne…
The cork is wired on, just like “real” champagne would have…

Anyone tried this ???

EDIT: I’ve just googled it… wow, it’s got eau de vie in it… yippee.