Boundary changes Cadestre

Could anyone give an indication on costs involved for making changes to boundaries to the cadestre please.

contact your Notaire

"Le prix d’un bornage de terrain par un géomètre varie entre 500 et 1.500 euros** en moyenne en fonction de la difficulté du bornage et de la taille du terrain.

A noter que le géomètre est libre de fixer ses honoraires (même si sa profession est réglementée), ce qui influer sur le prix de ses prestations."

anything from 500€ upwards… depending on what is involved it could cost 2,000€ or even more…


without info about the whys and wherefores that is all the advice we can give… speak with and get quotes from Notaire and Geometre … and whoever…

and, IIRC, in a boundary dispute, there is no guarantee that the géomètre will concur with the view of “he who pays the piper”. And even then, I seem to recall, both/all landowners have to agree to any change in the bornage meaning that if the disputed borne is not resolved, it has to go to Court - requiring very deep pockets :slightly_frowning_face:
The only winners here are the lawyers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, our neighbour has offered us a piece of land next to our house, but it would mean changing the boundary on the cadestre as it would be splitting a parcel of land.

We have just bought some land that required a parcel to be split. It cost around 2,000€ of which about 200€ was the cost of the land. The rest was notaire and géomètre fees.

Thank you Jane, very useful

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We’ve just over 5k sq mtrs in roughly a rectangle and if I remember correctly it cost around 1k to do one long side (the one with the dodgy neighbour :slight_smile: ) six years ago. There’s probably a standard déplacement fee and then a per metre charge. I’m not at home at the moment but I can look up the invoice next week of you like.

Thanks John, we haven’t done anything yet but it gives us some indication.

Not initially. I found the following on

In the event of a dispute over the boundary with your neighbour, and you cannot agree on the appointment or decision of géometre, then the matter can be decided by a court of law under a process called bornage judiciaire.

In effect, you can oblige your neighbour to have the boundary determined by the court.

Provided it concerns purely the boundary then the dispute can be heard before a tribunal d’instance, where the use of an avocat is not obligatory.

If it is more complicated then it would need to be heard by the tribunal de grand instancewhen the use of an avocat is required.

If you are not using an avocat, then you would be best advised to seek the assistance of a local huissier, a quasi public official best described as a bailiff. The huissier will undertake the formal process of seeking a court hearing and serving notice on your neighbour.

Your link is broken - it needs editing in your post.

Thanks. Done.

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