Boundary dispute

Hi, can anyone tell me is there a standard rule for the distance from a road to your boundary.
We live in the Auvergne. Having a dispute with a neighbour, he`s quibbling over about 200cm.
The dimension in question measures from the road boundary.


Not s far as I’m aware. Perhaps tell neighbour to pay for a géomètre?

Have you checked the cadestrals?

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If it’s a public road, the Mairie will be interested surely. Have you consulted them?
Without specific details, your question is almost impossible to answer.

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The Mairie told me of neighbours concern but instructed me to speak to him ( he does not want to get involved i fear). The Cadastral is unclear but scaling off of drawing i am correct if my boundary is a meter in from the road as another neighbour has said.

Personally, I’d give it the “Gaelic shrug” treatment and walk away.
Consider what action (if any) the complaining neighbour can take and check if you have l’assurance juridique. If you don’t, consult @fabien who can advise you on the benefits of such a policy (either by clicking on his name in this reply or by using the Insurance link in the banner at the top of the page).

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It might help everyone to understand if you described your/your neighbour’s concern re: your boundary.

Houses that abut directly upon a road must be on the boundary, just like ours, so I would not think that there is any mandatory distance.

Do you really mean 200cm? That is 2 metres, well over 6 feet - seems quite a lot.

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my mistake 20cm

20cm? I’d either get a géomètre involved or shrug and walk away. Unless that 20cm has some special significance…


Depends how well you want to get on with your neighbour in the future and whether it’s worth making an enemy over 20cms. But, as others have said, we don’t really know enough to make sense of what you are telling us.
We are surrounded by farmland and our neighbouring farmers over the years have quite happily nibbled a little bit off from here and from there, but we have enough land not to worry and their continuing goodwill is precious.

Are boundaries actually that accurate ? I seem to recall that land sizes in property sales are guaranteed to be accurate within 1/20th whatever that means ?

We’d a neighbour who thought it was OK to come onto our land, cut down our trees and steal our wood. Now if he had just asked he could have cut down what he liked and taken whatever wood he liked but he decided to treat us like stupid foreigners. Which was quite amusing because he’s Portuguese and we’re certainly not stupid. We paid for the bornage to be done on our boundary with his property with him present, it cost about €2.5K ten years ago but it was worth it, we haven’t heard a peep since. Plus our cadestre is now GPS accurate.