Bowel Cancer Screening is available in France

Ask your Médecin Traitant if you are not already in the scheme. Well worth being proactive…

Every 2 years you get a reminder from Assurande Maladie and a test kit from the Doctor. The results comes back within a few weeks. If you need a coloscopie they are performed under a general anaesthetic, or at least mine were and then every 5 years thereafter.

Good to hear your report on what happens if anything untoward/suspicious is found. :relaxed::relaxed:

Of course, the first step is getting onto the mailing list… not sure if it is age-related, but worth speaking with the MT if not already in the system for this check-up… :wink::relaxed:

You have to be 50 for the screening.

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Yes, just ask your MT and then the test kits come via post every year, I think?
My husband did not have one last year, will ask our MT if they stop after a certain age.
Mammogram reminder comes every two years.

You may think it was a general anaesthetic Dan but they actually gave you Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam) so you just don’t remember how horrible it was :open_mouth:

Basd on you Carte Vital info I’d say Stella.

Oh… yes… you’re probably right, John. On reflection, our screening simply arrived… :relaxed:

You may think it was Rohypnol John but it was actually ‘realisee sous anesthesie generale’. I know this because l discussed it with the anaesthetist himself a few days before the examination to discuss the procedure. When l questioned the need for a general anestetique he told me it was normal practice and could check it out on the AMELI website.

I know they use Rohypnol or similar sedative in the UK as my daughter underwent a coloscopie last year and we compared notes.

I know of someone who recently underwent this in the UK and had a general

He is right Stella - everybody in the system over 50 gets it automatically - and it’s free of charge.

The medical profession are continually changing what to use… and when to use it… and each person’s experience may well be totally different to another’s…

Up until 2013 Rohypnol was being prescribed in France, as a sleeping pill…for regular usage… :upside_down_face:

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All the more reason for folk to “get into the system”… :relaxed::relaxed:

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Fair enough Dan. I’ve only had them in Ireland and South Africa and they both by Rohypnol enthusiasts. Anaesthetists here seem a bit more flexible, I had one even offer me hypnosis for a thyroidectomy. The last thing I wanted was to be awake while they cut my throat so I took the full knock out option :face_with_head_bandage:

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I may have said this before somewhere but the actressLinda Bellingham who died of a bowel.cancer which was not picked up by regular faecal occult blood tests said that she thought everyone over 60 should be offered a colonoscopy
My ex husband had an endoscopy,colonoscopy under general a few years back and they lopped off a few polyps which could have proved troublesome later on.

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Get to your appointment early. You want to be the first in the queue for the camera!:grinning: