Boycot israel after yesterdays war crimes

(Helen Wright) #35

One step closer towards dictatorship…

(stella wood) #36

Helen… do you have a more recent document… that was from 2016 :thinking:

(Helen Wright) #37

Leicester is the city where I was born…I was really proud of the council for taking a stand…Our mayor actually went to Palestine…

(stella wood) #38

Yes, Helen, I understand your pride in Leicester… the Mayor’s visit (you have posted) was in 2014…

Do you have any recent documents etc… what happened after his visit…

(Timothy Cole) #39

You can’t pick and chose who you boycott, it has to be a blanket ban or no ban at all.

(Helen Wright) #40

I’m thinking the thread is about BDS…boycott divestment sanctions…I can only trace the evolution of the BDS movement…Leicester was a part of that bearing in mind that we are one of the most ethnically diverse cities in uk…my own realisation of the daily horror inflicted on Gaza stems back to 2008…10 years ago…the Gazans are STILL in an open air prison…The treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank is as horrendous as it ever was…there’s no need to side with one or the other…Muslim or Jew…nor any religion…nor any political party…you only need to be a human with a heart to want to do something to stop the bloodshed and suffering…

(Helen Wright) #41

This morning this was at just over £500,000…this evening it’s at almost £627,000…:heart:

(Helen Wright) #42

And the 2018 freedom flotilla…
boats to Gaza…:heart:

(Helen Wright) #43

Off to Dreamtime now but just checked again and now £721,000…

(Helen Wright) #44

£724,000…one of the first boats to Gaza saw 10 Turkish human rights activists murdered in cold blood whilst approaching the Gaza shoreline…(may the great goddess the great mother of all that is protect the crews of the 2018 boats to Gaza 75 days away…) it may also be interesting to discuss the linguistic political acrobatics of the label semitism/anti-semitism…the Palestinians being a Semitic people…???

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(Don Duca) #46

The origination of Hamas was supported by Israel to divide the PLO and serve as the justification for the ongoing atrocities now being conducted by Israel in Gaza. Accurate information will not be found in the mainstream media.

(Don Duca) #47

Being used for target practice and weapons testing should also be mentioned.

(Helen Wright) #48

£953,000 raised…Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing for Ramadan…if anyone has ever seen the videos of entry into Gaza via the Erez crossing then please tell me how this is not entry into the open air prison that is Gaza …???

(Helen Wright) #49

I feel a song coming on…in factt my favourite version of this song…

(Pam Thompson) #50

I’ve been boycotting them for decades.

(Pam Thompson) #51

Wow how did you know? I also boycott Canadian and Danish goods because of their animal abuses and Japan too.

(Pam Thompson) #52

How do you know this Bill?[quote=“Bill, post:13, topic:20445, full:true”]
What, I was talking about the PLO now known as HAMAS, they are the ones doing much of the manipulating of the Palestinians, and creating much misery, which they couldn’t care less about, as long as it achieves their declared aim, of completely obliterating Israel.
Nothing is ‘black and white’, hope that expression is still PC ! btw :wink:

(Helen Wright) #53

Prince William is due to visit Israel and the occupied territories next month…the first official visit by a member of the Royal Family in 70 years (other members have visited in a private capacity)…I hope he does visit Gaza too and uses the visit as an opportunity to stand up and speak out…

(Helen Wright) #54

Netanhayu is having a hissy fit accusing the Dutch of anti-semitism over a parody of the Eurovision Song Contest winner…and has also issued an arrest warrant for Banksy for his latest art…

Edward Bernays springs to mind…

Also the letter to the BBC and high ranking clergy on February 29th 1944…