Bread and Flour

Re making bread, sorry but for ease and time saving I use a machine, but always Francine bread flour.

If I do make handmade bread, it is usually a Ciabata using a 'St Delhia' recipe. Why St Delhi? It is because when I was a lecturer in Sociology of Religion, all members of our RS department had a reputation for cooking, and we all used St D cookery books. I still use her 'Summer Collection' recipe for making Poulet Basque!

Both Marilyn and I make cakes, and find that the only brand of Four that gives constantly good results is Francine, either the Gateaux or the Plain. However, if I want to make Flat Bread I use Chapapti flour which we buy in Bordeaux.

To change the subject slightly, and this sounds silly living near Bordeaux. Can anyone tell me where to get a fermenation lock for home wine making? I just can not get one anywhere.

Sorry this is rambling, I just can not get time to post regularly!

Thanks Jan

Try UK eBay if you have an account - these come from China and will deliver Worldwide eBay. We're waiting for a couple to arrive that are travelling over via UK friends before I found these for you.