Breakfast tea recommendations?

I once had an interview for a job with them in Andover. I didn’t get the job so have boycotted them since (to be fair I was under-qualified at the time so they were probably right… Plus the job I got instead enabled me to relocate to France so maybe I should be grateful to them really :grin:)


Sadly our Leclerc doesn’t stock it, but I’ve not tried Intermarché… Thanks for the suggestion :+1:

This company deals with ex-UK orders. I’ve had tea from them - I dive in when they have reductions. Just signing up gets you 15% off. Properly stored, tea lasts a long time if it’s not one of the highly perfumed varieties.

As for the tea itself, Keemun is a wonderful back leaf. Just a hint of smoke, it’s the basis for Earl Grey. does teas, as well. Another superb breakfast [+] tea that can be bought from Amz suppliers but not from The Tea Makers is Russian Caravan. A blend that includes Keemun and Lapsang, so some smokiness.

SuperU in Mussidan has it too.

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For those that like a wide range of loose teas, in decent quantities (rather than in the tiny expensive packets found in some supermarkets) I swear by the shop below, in Perpignan. The quality and service (online etc) is excellent.

I bet Tetley’s has never been described as “subtle” in the UK! From Intermarché…

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I get my loose leaf off of Ahmad teas, a good price and good quality, the ceylon tea is my everyday drink.

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Still using the massive stocks of PGTips Gold I have from my time at the makers Unilever.

Tea is a real problem in rural France but the specialists is the way to go.

Thank heavens stored properly it keeps close to forever.

I’d view collecting tea, on its own, as a valid reason for a trip to the UK :-). . Nearly fainted earlier this week when my favourite UK salt provider wanted to charge me £24 extra freight from the UK to France for 2 small bags…

Who is it? Have you tried this beauty?

Amazon France sell PG Tips, but obviously more expensive than UK prices. Price does fluctuate so worth watching.
Choose Amazon as vendor to get free delivery.
Coffee drinker

Shame, ours has (had maybe as haven’t bought tea there for a while) big tubs of loose tea behind the deli counter. You had to ask for it.

We make do with Tetley’s teabags from SuperU

I buy the tins of loose leaf Twining’s in Super U, Earl Grey for me but there are others

Another vote for Ahmad English Breakfast teas, we always drank Tetley or Yorkshire, but tried the Ahmad from Amazon and prefer it.
My wife loves Twinnings Earl Grey, but does not like the French yellow packet version and buys the UK purple packet version from Amazon or stocks up when we are home.

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Looks interesting Vero.
Do I have to go to Scotland to get it or would it be available in France without paying £24 I wonder…

Don’t know, I was given it by my cousin who makes it.

Karen, I love this :sunglasses: and know you can get it on eBay.Fr, if you can’t get any I can get some for you the next time I am in Scotland without any problem.

Trouble is, tou have to take out a mortgage to buy some :grin:.
If you have a North African shop nearby, try them. We have a large one here where tou can buy Turkish loose leaf tea. It’s very good and similar to a Ceylon tea. It’s also very reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, we’re the wrong end of the country to get North African shops, I think - no idea where the OP is located of course.

According to the bio, Vienne/Deux Sevres border. Not far from where we had an MS some years ago. We’re not far from Carcassonne, so quite a way south.

Ah - stupid me didn’t look! Much better chance of a North African shop than us then :smiley: