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(Barbara Deane) #1

Early sept parlaiment will held a debate regarding a NEW referendum.

INFO from the Independent Newspaper via

Ia BBC news.

(Catharine Higginson) #2

Link please?

(Chris Kite) #3

Its only a debate though..

(Barbara Deane) #4

Better than nothing!

(Barbara Deane) #5

This vote is bad for most of us and we should be together on this.

Bring back Brian Milne and Carol Norwell they will gather you all toether!

Why give up/give in.....your future is questionable.

(Chris Kite) #6

Well I'm absolutely together thank you Barbara, and I'm not giving up....hope...yet.

(Barbara Deane) #7

How many members now Catherine/James

A survive France petition with one of the SF 's greatest writers taking the helm?