Breathalyser kits

Hi everyone

I'm new to this site so thought it would be a good opportunity to ask if anyone has been able to purchase a breathalyser kit, as I understand they are hard to come by.

I have been to France twice this year but was unable to purchase one. Any info. as to where they can be purchased would be appreciated.


Hoho, I started the responses by giving your discussion address, and Jan has been delving into it as far as I can see. As you say, it is all there...

Thanks Sheila, I did have a look at the link yesterday.

Hi Jan. Great minds think alike! I started the same discussion a little while back, and there's lots of information there. This is the link:

Having looked high and low for these 1 euro products.

I eventually met up with a friend who comes here to his property for

short spells and to set the scene for his eventual migration from Dubai

to his much loved French life style.

part of his life style includes an adoration of alcoholic beverages and for this reason he

came to our rescue with a set of alcohol level testers.

I think I've put myself in the Main Room but the details have come up as Me!

Ok, so IE is pretty much useless. Suggest you use Mozilla Firefox. I can help with your picture too. If you join me on live chat in the Main Room, we can do this very quickly. :-)

Its a PC with Windows 7 and I use outlook express and internet explorer.

Neither James nor Catharine are on line at the moment, so if I can help, let me know. I've left a message below asking what hardware/software you are using.

Brilliant. Many thanks.

Hi Jan. Can you tell me what browser you are using, and what equipment? Mac, PC, iPad...

I'm not the one to advise, but I'll ask James to help.

Which I have just done, before posting this.

Morning. I'm having a few technical problems with this site. Firstly I can't find any kind of link where I can 'post' a new message and, although I joined last week and uploaded a photo, it only appears on my profile page and not in the 'who is on line section. Perhaps you could help to direct me to someone who can. Many thanks. Jan

Don't make the assumption that "les anges des routes" can't communicate. Ten years ago we were pulled over outside Le Mans because the motorbike flic said that he suspected I wasn't wearing my seat belt (just cause). His English was impeccable as was his knowledge of what documents we should have for an English reg car. Having satisfied his contrôle we were more embarassed that he held up all the traffic on the Mans rocade to assist our regaining the road!

No fines until November anyway. Then we shall see.

Thanks Brian for your message. I didn't realise how little the fine is so I'm not too worried if I can't buy one. I've never been stopped in France so far. Maybe the Gendarmes don't bother too much with English cars as they probably can't communicate with the occupants!


Jan, we have been here before at length. See:

You shall find wisdom galore, desperation, frustration, anger and just about every other emotion known to humanity with regard to this question.

Welcome to SFN anyway.