Breathe better, sleep better

As someone who’s always been a light sleeper, wakes at the slightest noise and then has terrible problems getting back to sleep and as someone who’s married to an insomniac, I’ve got a personal interest in anything that might help me sleep better.

So when a PR contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in a review copy of Breathe Better, Sleep Better, by sleep guru Anandi, I jumped at the chance. Over the last six weeks I’ve been working my way through the book and the exercises (many of which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine) and I can honestly say that they work. Anandi offers an entirely natural approach to sleeping problems by working on your breathing to calm the nervous system and increase serotonin levels which leads to better sleep. The exercises work to re-balance your whole system which means better digestion, improved circulation and reduced anxiety - all of which are things that can affect sleep quality.

Like many self-help / self-improvement books, it is slightly too long and could have been condensed. I think the problem is many self-help tactics are not exactly rocket science (think “If You Eat Too Many Pies You Will Get Fat” and it’s sister title “Don’t Eat Refined Sugar - It’s Not Good For You” for starters….) and publishers often want buyers to feel they are getting value for money so they tend to eke out the message. Having said that, if you work your way through the book, you will see the benefits and for the first time ever in my life, I am now able to get myself back to sleep.

I found the chapter on yoga postures especially helpful. For many of us living in rural areas, the chances of finding a yoga class in a venue that doesn’t involve driving miles or at a time that suits us, are slim. So I tend to use apps. Which are all well and good but very often, they go too fast and there is little explanation on how to achieve the correct pose. The clear instructions and illustrations were a real plus and as someone who has permanent shoulder and pectoral issues, I can honestly say that following the suggested routines has made an enormous difference to my overall wellbeing.

You can find out more here and buy the book on Amazon via this link. Happy breathing!

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