Brendan Donnelly, an astute observer

Not for the first time I find this man’s views right on the button

I especially like the following 2 quotes:

It would be an ironic expression of the reclaimed sovereignty supposedly confirmed by Brexit, recalling the Churchillian definition of a fanatic as one who by the time he achieves his obsessive goals has forgotten why he wanted them in the first place.


It may well be that even now, Boris Johnson has no clear idea of where he wishes the Brexit negotiations to end up. Equally, there is reason to believe that his closest advisers and Cabinet colleagues continue to be divided on the issue. Johnson’s continued pursuit of the Brexit negotiations suggests that he does not want “no deal.” He is, however, dissatisfied with the deal so far on offer. He may find himself confronted with a grim paradox: neither having his cake nor eating it. The Brexit project, designed to increase British decision-making freedom, has ended up simply creating a range of options for British decision-makers, all of them equally repugnant.

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