Breton versus irish breakfasts

How many of you, now living in France, remember, perhaps with some nostalgia, participating in those hearty Irish/British (fried and calorie and cholsterol laden) breakfasts??

Both Adrian and myself, and indeed most of our family, never eat a heavy meal in the morning, but from time to time, we have guests who enjoy this type of eating so much, that they bring a large stock of rashers/bacon and local sausages (all vacuum packed) when they come over to France! Our Breton neighbours are always totally intriqued by the waft of flavour floating out from their accommodation, in the early hours of the morning!!!

Our own "petit dejeuner" comprises of (occasionally) cereal, bread/croissant and tea! Whereas our Breton neighbours start their day with strong black coffee, in bowls, and large slices of fresh baguette.

My painting depicts a typically Irish breakfast and can be used in lieu of the real thing, if your hankering for that morning fry, becomes too bad.

Regards, ANNE.

I don’t know, looking at an Irish breakfast just makes me hungry. Fortunately I live in an area where it is not difficult to get one. Martin and Ellen Lack have a chambres d’hote at Lanespede near Tournay and they are starting to do a full Irish breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays between 9am and 2pm. They can be contacted on 0602358173 / 0562353828 to make a booking. Martin and Ellen use bacon and sausages from Bulldog Bacon and Bangers that are made here in the Gers. There is an Irish bar in Toulouse, De Danu that also does an Irish breakfast each Saturday and Sunday. Love the picture but I really prefer the real thing.

I cook a proper breakfast every couple of weeks using sausages + bacon brought back from the UK. What is really nice is eating it outside in the sun and opening a chilled Beaujolais to go with it.

Your picture looks great

Love the painting! Can almost smell the bacon…

We have just returned from a fortnight’s holiday visiting family and friends in UK and have had wonderful breakfasts. we had to stay in a B & B in Suffolk (daughter’s house too small and I am allergic to cats) and we had wonderful breakfasts, they had won an award. Mind you we have scrambled eggs here in France, from our chickens on toast, made from Jim’sbread, so we don’t do too badly.