Brexit attitudes

Our town, Sainte Florine, has put up this years summer bunting comprising as usual the flags of the EU and all member countries, however, no UK union flag!!! Has any one seen similar examples, bearing in mind that the bunting must have been ordered well before the official declaration?

Are you surprised? if you have recent purchases of electircal equipment in particular, the instructions are in every language - bar English! And that has been the case for a long time. Being Normandy based, it is surprising to oftern see flags displayed locally- not including the UJ - but including the Star & Stripes. Presumably because many campaigns did not include the Brits. You may be seeing the same kind of local attitude?


Hi Andrew,

Yes, surprised because for at least the last eight years the UK flag has
been on the bunting. However, having emailed the Maire expressingmy
disappointment thebunting has been taken down!!!

Graham F Pratt

Why should they put up the UK Flag…Brexit or not ?

There are about 200 flags in the world !!!

Seriously. What kind of attitude is that ?

PS. Walk into most shops in France and they are selling loads of cr&p with a UK flag imprinted on it. Does that make you feel better ?