Brexit enquiry

Hi - I’m trying to find this link but having no joy - can anyone point me in the right direction please ? (google - no good).

Britons’ Brexit residency site%20 Good and bad news.html


Chris - I’m much obliged to you. connexions is always a bit iffy but this page was particularly interesting.

Glad you found it thanks to Chris, John, and can I add as an aside how nice it is to see the word Britons used. So often the shortened version, Brits, is used, or viewed, as an insult or sneer, a bit like the shortened version of Pakistanis. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good grief… my local folk (of all nationalities) would be horrified if they thought their use of the word Brits (and mine) was viewed thus… :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:

Perhaps most recently it has often been connected with people not respecting the covid rules, especially holiday makers from the Sceptered Isle.

Just my impression. I have often used it in conversation, maybe because I know its innocuous, and accurate, derivation.

Goodness David, are there really people taking issue with the use of Brits? Who are they? How absurd! Not sure how that can be compared to the use of the word “P*ki” which is hurled with venom as a racist insult at anyone of an Asian origin.
Izzy x


Well I have never heard that used as an insult here.
Perhaps in the bars of Magaluf and Benidorm.

And @Jane_Williamson also, I think you may have proved my point, context is everything.

The use of the abbreviation for Pakistanis, that I didn’t use, to me is as offensive in its truncated asterisked form as using the ‘N’ word. We all know what you mean so why bother, I prefer not to use them at all, or would use them both in full in the context of explanation. But I don’t because I know the offence the words alone can cause.

Other such abbreviated so-thats-alright-then types of word are available. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

Why repeat the word if it’s so offensive to you? Was your original post deliberately controversial to see who would take the bait just so you could be offended, presumably on behalf of other people as you are not Asian?

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Brit line are going to be in trouble then!

The word Brit is not offensive to me, it is you who thinly disguised the word that obviously is offensive to you, which I never mentioned.

My original comment was precisely the opposite of what you infer, to point out that Brit is not offensive because it is only an abbreviation of a perfectly accurate description of someone of British nationality or origin.

Sorry you missed the point.

What?! Now you’re confused.

This is what I was referring to in my last post.
I understood your point perfectly, unfortunately you did not understand mine.

Come on Spardo,you cannot say you didn’t mention it ,it was you that brought it up first

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I don’t know which word you are referring to but the only one that I used as an abbreviation was Brit.


I understood your point perfectly, unfortunately you did not understand mine.

No, you didn’t, you accused me of baiting because I was not Asian.

No I didn’t! I give up!

Izzy was jumped on for the use of P*ki, but now it seems to be about Brit. It’s no wonder people are confused

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