Brexit going to be 'cataclysmic' for expats!


(Catharine Higginson) #42

Jacob Rees Mogg- good tory???
You are right - we are living in a very different universe.

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #43

I’m relieved a **tellurian " just turns out to be ‘a creature of the earth’…but you see that in my earlier responses further on in this site…that I often feel a little ‘interplanetary’ when we get to these discussions…

I can’t apologise for my vote lodged in good faith…that’s democracy…

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #44

He’s rather posh (but isn’t that nice because for him it’s natural), but he’s a genuine guy…bright articulate, knowlegable, a little eccentric…what’s not to like ?

I have just one reservation about him in that I found an extract on You tube where he was opposing the banking transaction tax, the ‘Robin Hood Tax’…that I am very much in favour of if it is done as presented in the great ad for it starring Bill Nighy…I am thinking about emailing him to find out why he opposes it…

(Véronique Langlands) #45

Nobody has been a British subject since 1983 except for people who qualify as subjects but aren’t considered British enough to be citizens because they are from former overseas territories and dependencies.

(David Martin) #46

Nobody is asking you to apologise. I personally find your crusade of clutching at straws rather sad but you are perfectly entitled to your views and opinions. Just don’t expect my world to either agree with or be swayed by your point of view. You voted for something that I believe was misguided. Nothing I have seen, heard or read has made me change my mind. I have always looked at the big picture and an isolated UK will suffer big time.

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #47

Well David, I’m not ‘crusading’ or as you put it…just like you expressing a point of view.
Like any new endeavour we need a positive outlook to get the best out of new opportunities…

Catherine mentioned the word ‘arrogance’ of the UK in relation to the EU…I think it’s the other way round … there are some really sinister ‘behind the scenes’ stuff going in relation to vested interests and corporations & the EU ( long ago now I posted a link to this)…but most of the leavers would agree that politicians have ‘arrogantly’ given away our sovereignty, over time…as for ‘clutching at straws’, I’ve been trying to present a bit of evidence supporting my belief that we are doing the right thing by leaving given by people with much more knowledge and expertise than you or I, from less accessible, internet sources. …
From a mainstream TV source and to all those still enthusiastic about the EU, all I can say is…Did you not watch the Paxman programme ?

(bawden claudia) #48

He had a shady attitude in anglo indian wars by allowing massacres of the natives whom he considered as savages.
Same for de Gaulle who did nothing to prevent french people being slaughtered by rebellious Algerians. De Gaulle even was worse to his kind.
We should debunk all the sacred cows and not slap them on all and sundry to silence our opponents.
My view on UK: A right to divorce since their trade with the US outstrips the one in Europe.However the US have consistently imposed their multinationals with minimum taxes, knocked the european banks off with fines,dragged UK into Irak wars,extended extra territorial powers, landed us with Monsanto ,criticism of European privacy law

What good coming from those people except 1944 landing? Please let me see the wonders from beyond the Atlantic and we can celebrate this coupling!

(Martin Cooper) #49

Totally agree, Catherine.

Arrogant and condescending, are the words that come to my mind when Jacob Rees Mogg is mentioned. Someone who looks like might of peeved off the Governor of the B of England as well… Not bad for one MP.

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #50

This will please you all…

Looks like he could be in line for Mark Carney’s job…(but I thought he was a Devonian farmer, rather than anything to do with banking…must Google him)…

(Martin Cooper) #51

The job of Gov of B of E is supposed to be non partisan.

Hopefully it should rule out this particular polictication who so far, has showed little understanding of economics …

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #52

Hi Martin,
What do you base that on exactly ? Somebody must think that he has some aptitude in that area, otherwise they wouldn’t be putting his name forward…this is taken from his Wikkipedia entry…

"Professional career…
Rees-Mogg worked in the City of London in the Global Emerging Markets division of Lloyd George Management before setting up his own company, Somerset Capital Management, in 2007.

and further down…

.“In December 2014 Rees-Mogg was reported to the Parliament’s standards watchdog for speaking in debates on tobacco, mining and oil and gas without first verbally declaring that he is founding partner and director of Somerset Capital, which has multi million-pound investments in the sectors
However, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Kathryn Hudson, decided that no wrong doing had been committed and so no investigation would take place.”

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #53


…having a wee dram, Martin…? :slight_smile:


(Martin Cooper) #54

:slight_smile: sorry, I got a bit excited… :slight_smile: x

(Martin Cooper) #55

It’s the way he is very opinionated and too biasted to be Gov of B of England. And in my world, opinionated in the wrong way.

Did not impress me how he thought Mark Carney was working for the in campaign and did not see that he was trying to remain above it. He was sniping against Mr Carney at every opportunity. He came across very bullish and ignored the basic facts which the Mark was trying to explain.

(Barbara Deane) #56

Hilary please tell me what will you gain from brexit?
What will UK gain from Brexit?
what will the world gain from Brexit.

Give me please some logical answers and I will agree with this "Democracy "

The sadest thing is that the commoner does not totally understand the bigger picture and they just read the numbers and journalistc blubb which appears in the media.

Just tell me how Mrs May will make improvements.

(Debra Archer) #57

I’m not so worried about healthcare as under France’s own rules, anyone who is legally resident here can join PUMA. I’m more worried about other things like how my children’s education will be affected and whether I will still be allowed to work or start a business here under the existing rules or will I have to apply for a visa under non EU rules, which are much more strict than those for EU Citizens. I am also concerned about the level of income required to be legally resident as a non EU Citizen since it’s much higher than that required for an EU Citizen. If we’re here legally under the EU rules will we be allowed to stay and continue under those rules or will we all suddenly have to apply for titres de sejour and visas under non EU rules and perhaps not qualify to do what we’re already doing?

(Pam Thompson) #58

I’m glad you seem overjoyed at being the subject (property) of someone else, and that you have nationalistic pride, although it does make me wonder why you chose to leave the country you are so proud of and the monarch who owns you.

(C.Brian Ross) #59

Ah, those who “wonder” (read “criticise”, perhaps?!) at the actions of
those whom they do not know, have never met, and are unlikely ever to
meet! In my book, that comes under the general heading of “arrogance”. I
have extremely good reasons for now living in France - but they are, quite
frankly, none of your business!

Kind regards!

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(Kate and John Fagalde) #60

What’s PUMA Debra? I’ve never heard of it. :confused:

(David Martin) #61