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I LOVE that - thanks Martin !! :slight_smile:

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Lexicon for EU negotiators to use:

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Ms Maybe should have waited until Saturday to press the Brexit button. A much more appropriate date…

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“Voter Simon Williams told us, “It’s like the premiere of a new Marvel movie. We all know it’s a complete fabrication and not to be literally believed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t suspend disbelief long enough to appreciate it for its entertainment value.”

Reports have already emerged of a pallet of red paint being delivered to Boris Johnson’s London residence.

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Finally I found the hateful laws UK will get rid off:

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Straight from the Newsdesk…

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Brilliant :sunglasses:

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Scary story, straight from the Newsdesk…

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Brought a lump to my throat, this story. My old stamping ground, the Kursaal. No foreigners in my day. Used to buy them a one-way ticket to the end of Southend Pier and see them off back where they came from. Happy days!

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Peter, did you make sure they had foreign accents before they were thrown off :slight_smile:

You can’t rely on just looks… :slight_smile:

Using that logic, I would of thrown off by you, quite awhile ago… :slight_smile:


( plse note - I do not practice or promote the use of throwing anyone off Southend Pier) :slight_smile:

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I hear it has been renamed to Brexit-on-sea

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At least the text is funny:
Isn’t it reassuring that the potentially tricky business of leaving Europe, which could be awkward if we’re not careful, is in the soothing hands of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox?

It’s like finding an unexploded bomb in your kitchen, so the army say they’ll get someone to diffuse it, and send round Paul Gascoigne and a kangaroo.

Liam Fox has proved his ability to behave delicately in international affairs, having to resign as Defence Secretary because he was sneaking a friend in to Government meetings without clearance. So along with him and Johnson, it will soon be revealed the rest of the negotiating team is Jeffrey Archer, Vinnie Jones and a couple of blokes who went down for the Hatton Garden heist.

The strategy for the opening session on car imports will be held in a warehouse in Peckham, where they’ll discuss how Foxy and Davey boy Davis keep Merkel distracted with some flannel about tariffs, while Big Nobby’s boys drill through the wall and kidnap the King of Belgium.