Brexit is too important to be left to politicians

There they all are, men in expensive, shiny suits and women in smart frocks, getting into smart, shiny cars on our TV screens, posturing, arguing, waving their arms about, threatening each other, and, as my wife would say, waving their willies in the air. Pathetic, childish behaviour. Is this what WE pay them for? Unfortunately this is the way the breakaway of the UK from the EU has to be negotiated. As regards the bill for exiting the club, maybe the UK could be shown a set of signed off accounts from the EU that shows us where our money has been spent and why we owe the amount, whatever it may be, and how that amount has been arrived at. Still, less than two years to go.

And the referendum was far, far too important to be left to an uninformed public.


Unfortunately, the Referendum has shown that all the possible ramifications of a problem are not shown at first sight and only become apparent when following deeper discussion.
The wonderful British public, no different one suspects from any other public, got caught up in the headlines and did not bother to do any more than surface thinking or reacting to the provocations of politicians.
Donald Trump is finding out that it is much more difficult to turn from being a businessman into a political leader.
What we really lack are statesmen or women.