Brexit maths


(Paul Flinders) #1

Brexit maths: £800bn ÷ £350m is 2285 weeks of “Brexit Windfall” that has just exited the UK. In case you can’t grasp that length of time in weeks how does 43 years, 11 months and one week sound?

(Mat Davies) #2

Absolutely @ptf - this is the Short Term Pain recently suggested by Brexiteers - it would appear that Short Term now means a lifetime!

What a bloody farce!

(Paul Flinders) #3

Obviously Liam Fox will be along in a minute with news of all the trade deals and new investment opportunities which will replace these lost assets and more.

Hello, Mr Fox, Hello?

(Ann Coe) #4

When asked to explain by French friends, who are genuinly interested to know, how can I ? If I, and thousands like me, can’t understand the mess that is Brexit then how can we expect others to understand!

You really couldn’t make up what is happening, how can millions of us all over Europe be left floundering ?

We don’t know, even so close to B day, what is going to happen, what our rights, if any, are going to be.

Lots of British flooding to get CDS’s that might not be applicable after B day.

Rather than Brexit it really should be named Titanic … at least we all know what happened with that !

(David Wren) #5

Key is that the UK voted to leave the EU. Maybe it might actually happen one day.

(John Scully) #6

That’s Dr. Fox if you don’t mind :face_with_head_bandage:

(David Martin) #7

Britain is already the laughing stock of the world. The money is leaving fast. What more can make the situation worse. I’m beginning to hope that Britain leaves the EU as soon as possible so the ostriches stuck in the past and dreaming of soverignity (whatever that means) can actually begin to realise the folly of their actions. It’s going to be one hell of a price to pay for freedom. The two ardent Brexiteets who have contributed to this thread are lucky, they have less to lose because they will remain living in and benefiting from the EU. You really couldn’t make it up.
Incidentally neither of them has got around to explaining where the money is going to come from to provide this wonderful future they’ve been promised by a handful of multimillionaires who have political ambition above their ability. Dream on old men, dream on.

(Teresa Shipley) #8

Unfortunately Brexiteers don’t care , they’re fixated on leave means leave. Until their own lives are affected in a big way they refuse to see the future consequences for the UK. Apparently every brexiteer I’ve met did not base their vote on immigration!

(Brian Wheeler) #9

I am really concerned also about the effect this is starting to have on the social cohesion of the country. The attacks and chants of Nazi etc. on Anna Soubry yesterday were frankly appalling. And I see there may be much more civil unrest and divisions as Brexit day looms. I think the vote next week is likely to see a big surge in this kind of fevered rhetoric, as the political system crumbles around us. I complete my house purchase in France on 22 January, we have a 4 year plan to move permanently. But we are constantly reviewing this at the moment as a rural life in France is becoming more and more attractive by the day.

Anna Soubry: 50 MPs write to Met Police chief over ‘Nazi’ abuse

(Brian Wheeler) #10

Most of the rich ones don’t care anyway as their money is hidden in off shore tax havens in the Bahamas etc!

(Mark Robbins) #11

We had family staying over the new year and Brexit inevitably came up over the dinner table. My little bros “partner” , who I previously thought was reasonably intelligent said she voted out so that the UK could regain its sovereignty. I asked her if she knew what the word meant and she replied that the country wouldn’t be governed by the EU anymore. She couldn’t understand the Irish either, they fought for independence only to give it (their sovereignty) away to the EU.

(Jane Williamson) #12

It is quite apparent that these extreme right, I know what I want to call them but can’t, are targeting women.
In the article some of them are allying themselves with the GJ’s.
Cressida Dick should take the same steps as are now going to be taken in France.
Perhaps the activities of this group of people, both publicly and secretly, will now be exposed to public scrutiny
and people will see just how they influenced the Referendum.
They are just as idiotic as the group who are saying that we should Leave because we won the War.

(Guy Marshall) #13

Hi Paul - I think you are mixing capital with income, but if you calculate a “rent” (income) for the £800bn assets - say a very moderate 5% - then its a “gain” of £350MM vs a loss of £110MM.

Still pretty crap though, and I 100% agree with your sentiment!

(Paul Flinders) #14

Yes the £800bn is capital and yes the £350m is income but if you loose that much capital it will take the aforementioned 43 years to re accumulate even if you do save the amount Brexiteers claimed we would be better off by each week.

In terms of interest I’m not sure how you got your figures - 5% of £800bn is £40bn per year or £770m per week - i.e the net loss (even using the £350m figure which we know was inflated) to the economy is £420m per week.

Remind me about how much better off we are all going to be because of Brexit?

Agree about the appalling bit - they were. Of course the irony is that epithet is much more appropriate for the racist, xenophobic element of the Leave vote than it is to Ms Soubry who is a remainer.

Only in the loosest sense, he doesn’t hold a doctoral degree and no longer practices medicine.

(David Martin) #15

It’s Brexit that we’re talking about so subtleties like the difference between income and capital are considered to be facts and we all know that facts are irrelevant. Bring on the smoke and mirrors.

(John Scully) #16

Not practising doesn’t nullify one’s achievements Paul. I think Fox is a complete ffffing idiot but he did qualify as a doctor. Maybe his only achievement ever, apart from holding the Cabinet Airmiles award for 2018?

(John Scully) #17

That independence thingy was much overrated, especially when it really meant sixty years of poverty and domination by the odious Irish Catholic Church. Paradoxically, Ireland only really became free on joining the EEC. It was far too small to be “free” before that.
In the early seventies Ireland was growing up but England (and let’s face it that’s all that really matters in the UK, as Remain voting Scotland and NI can attest) was coming at the EEC from the opposite direction. It was “growing down”, as many of us will remember, and I beleve its recovery from those grim days was due to EEC/EU membership.
Unfortunately far too many senior Tories still don’t understand this and believe that a negotiation between a 60m market and 450m market is a negotiation between equals. Hence the “we’re not gong to hurt one another, are we.” sabre rattling of IDS, Hunt, et al.

(Teresa Shipley) #18

I worked with Liam Fox, briefly, he was very personable. The mum’s loved him and he always bought sweets for the children’s clinic. A born politician!
Just months before he left to begin his campaigning he was full of the allowance he would get for his London flat.
I left before him as I was pregnant, he refused to have a photo taken with me, had obviously been warned about compromising situations, something he later seems to have forgotten.

(Paul Flinders) #19

We call those with medical qualifications “Dr” out of convention but that isn’t the legally protected title - which is “registered medical practitioner”.

(John Scully) #20

It’s not just convention Paul, it is a higher degree, as is a PhD. My daughter is known as Dr. Jill Scully (barely contained glow of parental pride) because she attained a doctoral degree in medicine, not because of convention.