Brexit maths


(John Scully) #21

That’s interesting Teresa.

(Paul Flinders) #22

It isn’t, that’s the point.

Most doctors qualify with Bachelor of Medicine + Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS or MBChB depending on which alma mater). Typically, in fact, these are just ordinary degrees, not even honors degrees.

Some go on to do a PhD or MD as part of their later qualifications and do acquire the academic title but not all, and not Liam Fox.

I quite understand the (well placed) parental pride in your daughter’s achievements though.

(Mat Davies) #23

I trust the this is the Dr Fox we are talking of:

I am sure he has a Doctorate in Europop!

(Robert Gillespie) #24

You have missed out the 18 billion increasing to 30 billion a year by 2022 means 16 years

In any case business will not all leave the UK to come to say France were labour cost is double to then sell the goods back to the UK with WTO cost.

Do not believe all the scaremongering you hear, as we were told that the UK would loose 2 million jobs, interest rates would rise to 10/15% and 30% of the population loosing their houses on the day they voted leave which we all no is rubbish

(Robert Gillespie) #25

In other words lets hope that common sense prevails and we all stop fighting each other!

(Brian Swift) #26

Britain will leave without a deal. Trade will carry on as before, the Irish border will remain open as before. Switzerland is not in the EU but has open borders with it. Turkey is not in the EU but has free trade with it.

(David Martin) #27

Have you woken up yet?

(Paul Flinders) #28

Come again?

Read the bit about the Swiss-French border.

(David Martin) #29

Don’t confuse things with facts. I’m sure you’ve already been told about that.

(Paul Flinders) #30

Yessir, Sorry Sir, I’ll get right back to baseless ranting!

(john LOCKE) #31

you are making the mistake of presuming the capital will permanently be removed from the Uk. Capital flows all over the world on a daily basis. In fact there has been more inward investment in the Uk since the referendum than the rest of the EU put together.

(Paul Flinders) #32

Inward investment to the UK is down about 90% since the vote, and we’re seeing layoffs at JLR which have been blamed in part on Brexit.

(David Martin) #33

Let’s not forget that the falling pound has made a fair bit of Britain good value too.

(David Wren) #34

If we see Theresa May’s deal voted down and perhaps a second referendum to retest public sentiment do we feel it will end there?
Result =leave the EU, do we leave by a certain date deal or no deal?
Result = remain, public likely to challenge decision over the next couple of years resulting in a third referendum?


(David Martin) #35

I presume you are looking at it as being like a playground game not a reflection of the way that public opinion has moved since facts became to light.

(David Wren) #36

Evening, please make an attempt to address what I’m saying, it’s relatively simple. I’m relatively open to a second or third referendum. The people should get what they want.

(David Martin) #37

I have answered your post.

(David Wren) #38

Embrace the “what if” if you can. It might be we see a second crack at this. Worst outcome would be a general election in my view, though this is unlikely to happen.

(barrie wildsmith) #39

If the popliteal parties had all worked together perhaps we would have had a better outcome, but labour juste wants to get into government.
200 mp,s voted against a hard britexit this week so according to reports will force this to not take place. But this gives away our onky bargaining chip with the Eu to force a better deal.
The deal TM has put on the table looks like bad fir the Uk, and it’s the EU who are cherry picking.

In my opinion there’s are lots of things wrong with the EU and it’s not a union, it’s run by the few for the few and the southern countries have been failed by the Euro, but we should have tried to change things from the inside.

Macron wants to be the figure head of Europe but he can’t even run France,

(Mat Davies) #40

If the result of a further referendum had a significant majority this time the result would be more convincing.