Brexit maths


(David Wren) #41

It would be nice but it’s not necessary to take the vote. What I do know is that’s it’s going to be awkward getting back into bed with someone you’ve told you don’t love anymore.

(David Martin) #42

I’m sure that the EU understand that it’s only a small part of Britain that said they didn’t love her anymore.

(David Wren) #43

lol, you can’t live with democracy. Let’s hope we get a second vote to blow the skin off of your custard or creme anglais.

(barrie wildsmith) #44

Do you think they will have a second referendum , lots if backbencher will have to work together to force that one through.
The front bench don’t want it, and Corbin doesn’t , he wants to quit Europe even though the party perhaps back a referendum.

(David Wren) #45

if the PMs deal is rejected I suspect a “people’s vote” will be the favoured option.

(barrie wildsmith) #46

That would be good, but a good chance the vote is to exit, or hard exit, depending of the choices, and they still vite leave ,
Lots of people are sick of it and just wants the Uk to leave regardless of the consequences.

(Mat Davies) #47

Some perhaps - there are way more who would rather just scrap Brexit altogether.

(David Wren) #48

Be sure to vote again then.

(barrie wildsmith) #49

Only way to know the results of another vote is to have one, nothing is guaranteed even though you wish it was.

(Mat Davies) #50

There was a time that politics was really dull and almost insignificant.

It seems daft but I have found myself tuning in to BBC Parliament to hear/see the MPs speeches live… Now that is something I didn’t think I would ever do!

(David Wren) #51

I think it would have to be the same binary question Barrie.

(Graham Lees) #52

(Donna Mickleburgh) #53

FYI I’m not sure if you have read Le ministre de l’ intérieur document, but it has set out guildlines in the event of Brexit, especially if a no deal brexit happens, which if it does if you must be ‘installé ‘ in France by March 29.

(Jane Williamson) #54

Popliteal, what has this to do with knees?

(Jane Williamson) #55

You are not the only one.

(Ann Coe) #56

Brian will still be able to live in France after Brexit, it’s just that there will be different regulations, that’s all !

France isn’t closing the boder to British, it’s just that the regulations may well go back to as they were before.

When we moved here we had to get forms from the French Embassy in London and give a list of all the items that we were bringing her, in triplicate, for the customs.

Until we know for sure exactly what is going to happen there is no need for people tp panic and rush across before they are ready !

(Paul Flinders) #57

Living as an inactif shouldn’t change much as the rules for 3rd nations are not really different from EU nations - meet the income requirements, have heath insurance, register your car etc.

Working, however, could be a whole new ball game.

(Timothy Cole) #58

No other news source has mentioned this so it may be a load of guff -

(barrie wildsmith) #59

The EU are happy to keep delaying britexit, as they keep receiving our contributions.
That’s why the backstop is so controversial as they could keep us locked in negotiations fir 5-19-100 years and we would have no say and have to keep paying our part.

(barrie wildsmith) #60

I was talking to a young guy in the village this morning he said if the French had a vote there’s a good chance they would leave, in his words onky a few country’s pay more than they receive, and they are trying to make all the countries equal in wealth, he had been working with a roumanian , who said he earned the same here in one month than he did in 10 back home, so was saving to buy land and animals back there.