Brexit news today - pound rallies!

From the same article.

You can’t even throw these people a lifeline, it seems.

He’s all guff and bluster. Just puffing out his chest to pretend he’s a got a bit of authority. They seem to think that it shows strength when actually it just shows they are a bunch of tw**s!

You tell em Mandy :rofl:

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I could have predicted a rise in the pound today, I transferred some money yesterday!

Oh no!!! Bloody hell. That must hurt a bit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please could you give us a little notice… before you do your next transfer… :thinking::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

This must be happening in a parallel universe. I just plotted a graph on and at close of trading yesterday the rate was €1.105 to the £ and today it finished at a smidge above €1.10. Still in freefall I’m afraid.

It wasn’t a huge rise. I paid for a couple of insurance policies due on 1st September yesterday and had to top up my funds. :frowning: