Brexit pets

This is according to a couple of UK papers this morning (and I’m told it’s not in the Trump “Fake News” category) -

The great unwashed may not be able to move freely around Europe post Brexit, but their pets will (provided they have a Pets Passport). A promise from Gove … !!
So my daughter will be able to freely send their Mallinois for its holiday, but she’ll have to Q and jump through immigration hoops …

And anyone in the UK who thinks Brexit means a return to the Booze Cruises of the past, forget it. Brexit means an end to being able to import/export fairly substantial amounts of alcohol etc for personal consumption. Duties will be re imposed by HMRC.


So maybe if you want to travel freely around EU, you need to take your pet with you at the same time?

Sorted. Will stick my budgie on my forehead, with sellotape and walk proudly though passport control… :slight_smile:



Please can we have a photo… ?? :rofl:


Phew at least you won’t be travelling with a python … hang about, maybe a Monty Python :rofl:

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I find it difficult to believe anything that Gove or his wife the dreadful Sarah Vine says let alone believe his “promises”

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