Brexit......Support the rejoiners

it won’t happen any time soon I fear, but the more noise that is made the more it will snowball!
So read this, sign up, and support the movement


I’d love it but would the EU have us back?


Very reasonable question…and the terms would certainly be very different (none of the opt outs) to the ones the UK enjoyed previously which is probably why it won’t happen for at least 10-15 years unless something dramatic happens

I’ve signed.
‘A week is a long time in politics’ - A hell of a lot can change in 10years: 10 years ago support for independence in Scotland stood at about 15%.

@Geof_Cox …well we can hope…have you signed… maybe we need to form a Brittany support group!!

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Signed too, up to a whopping 1089 signatures- long,long way to go

@John_Scully …good man, but not sure if it will be achieved in our generation!

There certainly is! 16 mill votes wasn’t enough and now I think that N Ireland and Scotland are more likely to rejoin the EU than is the present UK.

As you all know I was violently opposed to Brexit, but given the recent mess up over the contract with AZ and the slow roll out of vaccines, plus the attitude of Poland and Hungary, I am feeling a little more cautious.
There are several countries which are expressing their dislike of the way things are going in the EU and I don’t really want to be part of just a French/German Alliance.

Morning All

As an ardent remainer I think Brexit is an on going catastrophe.

However, at the moment there is no way in the world that we will rejoin.

I would consider joining an organisation that would promote re-entry, but I cannot see that happening for 10 years +

Sorry for such a negative response, but I feel I have to be realistic, but I am fed up of banging my head against a blue brick wall.



The Brexit ship has sailed and at some point in the future will probably be a Titanic mess (even more than it is now). I like 48.something % was passionately against it but now it it what it is and have stopped fretting about what might have been. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who now has a 10 year residency permit to live in the EU (France) and when covid allows be able to return to the country of my birth should I choose without the red tape that any UK citizen is now facing should they decide to holiday or live in the EU at a future date.
While some may well be affected to a greater degree I dont see much change in my lifestyle and for me that is all that matters. Selfish attitude maybe but life is too short.


Agree100% Jane.

Thé EU is in a mess, it needs overhauling.

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I’m curious to understand the reasons; is it a flawed EU structure that people disagree with, or is it the finer points of managing logistics and execution of policies?

Both Chris.

Events over the past year have proved what a lumbering behemoth the EU has become. The vaccine shambles has proved this.
The EU is too big and cumbersome nowadays, it needs streamlining otherwise it will grind to a halt.
I believe in European unity but we must expect better from the vast sums being invested by the major states. The biggest contributors must have the biggest say, decisions need to be made more quickly.

Sad to say but Brexit warts ‘n all, has shown the EU up for what it is.


They were very keen to absorb all the newly freed from Russian influence states and Greece which was allowed in on made up figures.

Does anyone really want to continue this silly argument and have another 5 years of an uncertain political and finacial wrangling. If you live in France, enjoy the advantages (or disadvantages) that the EC offers and leave the UK to make its own way in the world.


For those that live in UK?

Brexit is done (sadly), with Labour scared of even mentioning it and the Tories clearly not going to ask to rejoin I can’t see it this decade; probably not next decade either.

It is likely environmental concerns will come more and more to the forefront of politics so I could see The Greens being the main left wing opposition by the end of the 2020’s given that Labour are busily imploding.

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For those that live in UK?
Sadly you lost the vote - at present with Europefloundering over the vaccine program and UK on a high it will be a while before the EC will have a positive draw in the UK - and - if Scotland did manage to break away their remain vote will be lost and reversing Brexit is unlikely in our lifetime