Feel like having lost a very dear friend... You know the kind of person whom you spend 41 years or so with. Oh right you have fights, disagreement, but in the end you always find a solution around a nice glass of wine or a lager... You know the kind of friend that makes you reconsider your own thinking about what you take for granted. You know, the kind of friend that will always push you to your limits. Sometimes you frotnd doesn't abide by the rules; but hey, who doesn't? Well, you know the kind of friend... ANd one day, you are told that you shall not see eachother agains, that what the values you thought you shared are just falling apart because someone has put doubts into your friend's mind. Well, am I sad? Have I felt such a tremendous schock? Yes, I have... Now only story will tell us what lies ahead... But fuck... We still love our friends.