I am posting for a friend who is trying to source some bricks at a reasonable price to make an oven housing in their kitchen. They live in Haute Vienne (87) Can anyone help?

Bricks are heavy. Cost of transport may outweigh any saving you may make.
Look for Le Bon Coin on the Web and you may just get lucky and find what you want locally.
Or ask a local builder.

Terry Hutchinson at The Reclamation Yard in Ansac sur Vienne just outside Confolens often has reclaimed bricks in stock. Your friends would have to haul them away themselves. It may be too far for your friends, Haute Vienne covers a lot of territory. Or

Thanks David, they have costed out from building merchants but were hoping to find some used bricks somewhere at a better price as they need so many!

Go to any Point P or your local depĂ´ts de materiaux de construction.