Brico Depot/Mr Bricolage

Has anybody used the Roofing felt from Brico-depot and Mr Bricolage it is made by a company called Aquaplan and all the staff in the stores have told me that it is glue on felt, but i am convinced that it is a torch-on one can anybody confirm please!!. Many Thanks James.

Aquaplan also do an EPDM membrane which is glue on but I doubt it would be ideal for habitable space as it wouldn't breathe.

It is absolute rubbish. We looked at the stuff for the work we are having done later this year since we are buying the material ourself. It can be torn with hands and given that I only have the strength in one arm that means with very little effort. The builder who will be doing a roof including felting it recently said the same about the stuff. No advice though, we are still looking. However, it is a glue on felt according to what we were told.