Bridesmaids' dresses

(Angela Nguema) #1

My daughters have been asked to be bridesmaids on 8th October & although I have a dress for the small one,(burgundy full length; lots of ‘froufrou’!) I have suddenly realised I need to get a move on looking for the 2 oldest girls (same colour but plainer). Can anyone reccommend a good place/site for this; I was wondering about renting them but don’t know if it’s feasible…any ideas welcome! (Because I can’t ask on Facebook etc as the person concerned will get to see)Thankyou!

(Angela Nguema) #2

Thanks; I’ll look these up

(Jane Williamson) #3

My daughter recommends Coast". They sent her wedding dress out from UK to Germany.

(Louise Stephen) #4
American site with big choice. Have just been bridesmaid myself using there dresses - 6 of them. All just had to have minor alterations.