Bright and early

I was a bit surprised a couple of days ago when a near neighbour mentioned Christmas trees so imagine my reaction when I discovered a Christmas card from friends in the U.K. in my post box this morning.
Is that super organised or over the top?

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well over the top, but maybe your friends know something about the postal service that we don’t

might be worth checking if they sent a card last year - it could be a slow one from 2016 :slight_smile:

The Action store in our nearest large town 60 kms away had Father Christmas’ on sale in September !
As Ray says maybe it’s a stray card from last year, I must admit I haven’t even got around to thinking about cards and trees though.

Did the same friends send you their Christmas card this early when you lived in Germany?

No. Not from last year either, postmarked 24/10/17.

Ahhh, it’s maybe from Santas admin team?

Good Boy replies = Big Hamper of seldom recieved British Sweeties?

Or maybe my meds are kicking in

Have a good one anyway David :santa::santa::santa: tralalalala