Bring back Piers Morgan

I know he’s like Marmite, but I miss the little fella on my tele every morning,
OK, interrupting the gorgeous Suzanna Read all the time is inexcusable, but apart from that I did agree with a lot he said,
And he wasn’t pulling any punches where veganism, the royals, and Bojo were concerned, friend of Donald Trump, OK nobody’s perfect, but I do miss him, :thinking:

There could be a reason you’re single Pip. :wink:


He’s a despicable cretin who needs to stay well away from mainstream TV. I’m sure you’ll be able to get your fix when Murdoch’s new channel launches if you miss him, and given News Corp have paid a pretty penny for his services I expect him to become all the more like that unpleasant rash you just can’t get rid of over this year.

You are quite right P1000. and I miss him too.

At least he was straight and went to the hart of the matter, and new his subject.

For me I would like to see Morgan and Farage together. Like the old program with Austin Mitchell and Norman Tebbitt.

:joy: I knew this would be controversial, but I needed a laugh,
It’s just one of the reasons I’m single, the other one being my sence of humour, :joy:

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And poor spelling. :grinning:

Watch his interview of John Lydon where the late necrononce Savile is being discussed carefully. Morgan comes within a hair’s breadth of agreeing with Lydon about how all of showbiz knew about Savile and then remembers to whom he is beholden and changes the subject.

A vile establishment creature that only “attacks” approved, safe targets.

Also, **** him with a fiery chainsaw for his involvement in the phone hacking scandal and the utter fabrication of claims that British troops tortured Iraqis during GW2.

Yes Tim, bod spilling as will, :grin:

He is controversial, but very entertaining, he’s tells it how it is, pulls no punches, and can really wind people up, not a bad thing, he gets people talking, I’d vote for him to be the next PM, :+1::+1::+1:

Sounds exactly like what all those racists and scumbags in America said about Donald Trump from 2014 onwards. That was a great move that ended really well.

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No, he tells it as he thinks it is which is often a huge difference to the reality.

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He “tells it how it is” against those that he’s allowed to bully.

Nothing but another establishment puppet.

:joy::joy::joy: This is keeping me most entertained,

And why not, as long as one isn’t actually living there. I’d also replace the Treasury with the National Lottery. Merge Foreign Affairs and the Home Office and just call it Office Affairs and outsource the NHS to Dignitas. That overall savings would be tremendous. .

Only if you also close down the British warehouse uniform companies and outsource to Vietnam.


All very good ideas, :+1::grin: and dare I say change the national anthem to James Blunts ( your Beautiful) at least everyone would know the words :+1:

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Well we had one round of that when idiot hospitals insisted on returning old people to their care homes causing massive deaths of other elderly who were trapped there.

The government has saved a fortune in pension payments due to the incompetence they allowed in this way. The fact that the pension costs government has been paying in the past 2 years or so are substantially lower than expected has been reported a couple of times in the financial press and it’s clear why this is.

Who needs outsourcing to reduce health and care bills?

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I’m with you on this one, :+1: