Bringing "Stuff" Back from the UK - Car Sharing

Itravel back and forth regularly in a small van. I regulary collect things from friends in Britain that I have bought on the internet, as it costs so much to post them to France compared with UK
internal post.

I'm a woodstove renovator, so I deliver to the UK...but this last trip I made the mistake of bringing a friends' parcel (23kg) back amongst my own by mistake. It will cost me at least £40 to courier it back to her...This seems very expensive to me as UK to france would be half that fee and within uk it would be around £15.

I have 2 questions..

1 Is anyone able to help me out by taking my "kidnapped" parcel back to the UK, to post it for me?

2 What do people think of having a car-sharing or parcel sharing forum on SFN so we can take adavntage of our network to save on transport costs?

I recently took an English man back to the midlands with me for 7 days. I collected him from his home and bought him back to Le blanc in 36, with some wood, metal and about 5 suitcases full of food and household items. He paid me £150 and we both benefited financially from the shared trip..

I use this company .... ... very reasonable charges. (No connection to me!)

What a lovely soaps! Great idea for MIL this Christmas!

May still be interested in the future as often my parents come separately. Mum loves to spend as much time as possible here, v. helpful for babysitting duties. Dad however, moans about his garden getting neglected etc so only comes for the minimum he can get away with! Will bear you in mind.

Of course, the “dodgy” bit could easily be overcome by exchanging details and allowing the kindly person taking your parcels to look inside. Something I’m more than happy to provide for my “mistaken” parcel…

I’ll be in touch as soon as I have a rough idea of my next trip dates…I managed to fit it in with my last passenger’s dates. I’m pretty flexible. I usually go over for 7-10 days. any less is not worth it for me usually and any more means I miss too much here, though the less the journey costs me, the more I can afford to be flexible! I renovate woodstoves and deliver them to the UK, so the next delivery week will be listed on my site aswell.

Hi Jo,

I only go as far as Gillingham, Kent, just off the M2. I'm not that heavy, so I hope you could fit me in lol

I only have one spare seat unfortunately but others might be interested.

Mid November fits with my plans too…I could measure my van and estimate the size and weight of space available. If you have a car you could leave it here (Nearest city Poitiers) and make the rest of the journey with me possibly. I usually go to Newhaven, Tunbridge Wells and Norfolk/Midlands or Wales…it depends on clients.

yes I see the problem about taking parcels..It could easily be drugs or something else dodgy. By the way, my friends parcel is soap and her gorgeous handmade soap and shaving soap (and other lovely things) is available on the web..I thought I'd mention her to try and make up for her temporarily missing stock! I think I'm going to split it and send it by La Poste.

Car sharing would be great however I would be a bit dubious about taking parcels unless the owner was accompanying me. Too many dodgy things going on these days and the unwary/generous could get taken 'literally' for a ride!

It would be a really good idea to have a lift sharing option available on the site though. We live in Burgundy and although there are not many members around here, we are just 15mins from the A6 and would be interested in sharing from people going past. Not necessarily so much for us (we are 2 adults and 2 kids) but more for bringing our parents out to visit us.


Sorry, can't help with Q1 but think Q2 is a great idea. I've made the trip on my own by car, and having company would be so much better. Also it would save me wearing all the extra clothes, and the hassle at Easyjet Gatwick, while they make me put my handbag in my 15k handluggage bag. It's so stressful...... I am going to go back around mid- November so please let me know if anything comes of this idea, haven't booked any flights yet. I'm 10 minutes from Toulouse so not out in the sticks