Britain Bullshit

From our local ‘In The Know ‘

Politicians can lie their way out of anything. Much better than Houdini ever was.

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I don’t know what elixir of life you swig, Graham, but spotting this item and sharing it makes me hope you live for ever. You’re a gem, and so is this article that takes a chain-saw to Johnson’s pretensions, and his loathsome ambitions.

NB autocorrect suggested you might be a gel rather than a gem. Covid 19 has taken over the Internet.


To be fair Peter there’s not exactly a dearth of ‘anti Johnson’ journalists.

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Because there is insufficient testing going on, he can’t be.

The more the merrier AFAIC :hugs:

Interesting, but there is no way of knowing if these people would not have been infected if the election had not taken place. The real issue is that the lockdown could have started sooner based on what we already knew was happening in other countries.
But we live in a democracy and even a president has to consult and take advice (with one notable exception!) before taking such a momentous decision.
I still believe that France has reacted faster and with more logic than the UK. Time will tell.

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the BBC are reporting that Boris has Coronavirus…

Sheer ignorance. She cannot bring her family to stay with her, they must stay put where they are, so that blows her excuse out of the water.
I am feeling ashamed of the poor behaviour of a certain section of the population, but, unfortunately, it was always so.
I think it is unfair to say that many of the volunteers have joined up to gain priveleges. there is still a reservoir of decent folk in UK and this situation brings it out.
Whatever happened to the WRVS?

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Yes on Sky as well. Oh dear what a pity

It’s now the Royal Voluntary Service. Still quite active but the demographic probably means it’s members are in an at risk group

Doesn’t that put Dominic Raab in charge?

I’m afraid he’ll still be in charge :-1:

He’s been coughing a lot apparently … Priti Patel 3rd in line.

Without an emoji, it’s hard to tell if you really mean that Mary. :wink: lol


It just gets better!

Now Boris - try lying you way out of this!

Shame Boris wasn’t quarantined when it was confirmed he was a bellend