Britain expels 23 Russian diplomats

Has T May done the right thing?
How do you deal with people like Mr P?

Expelling diplomats in the time honoured way of giving another nation a slap on the wrist when you’re a bit miffed with them (expect a tit-for-tat response from the Russians).

If she really means business she’ll curb Russian financial interests in London.


But will she?

Not a chance.

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Not so good for UK

But there’s lots not good for UK, but the government still goes ahead anyway.

we can’t deal with mr Putin he deals with the different countries and apparently he is appreciated by the russian citizens.

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Is he appreciated by the Russians indeed.
Think that I had better close the conversation here.

Other than their silence, I thought that supposedly British Justice is the finest in the world. This proves it’s not. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty.

Jeremy Corbyn has the right idea; provide them with the evidence to examine for themselves so they can respond appropriately.

No different in my view to the way that the British Police have withheld evidence from the courts which would assist the defence in proving their innocence.

Shame on Britain.


Do you really think that Putin will accept the findings of Porton Down?
Are you advocating that we give the traces of this nerve agent back to the the Russians?
He is a tyrant and should be recognised as such.

Guesse that you have chosen a good description.
Amazing how world leaders begin to believe their own lies.
Should they get awards for their acting ability?

I can think of a dozen ways to assassinate someone in a manner which would not be unique & I am not in the spy business. Why would a foreign government’s dirty tricks dept commit such an act & then sign it?
Come to think of it, if the UK have samples of this substance - for testing & identifying, you understand - then perhaps…? But that would not give HMG an excuse to find Russia guilty without any hard evidence.

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To send a message?

Putin is up for re-election isn’t he? I know Russian elections are not quite “free” but I suspect he still wants to remind everyone he has a tight grip on things.

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Ah so who did it?
Does her really care…no I think not.

And assassinating a minor spy that hardly anyone has heard of in another country sends one? Annexing Crimea, now that’s a message!

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and, being devil’s advocate, could it possibly be the CIA rung to get their own back on the Russian Federation? Why did Trump sack Tillerson???
So many ponderables but in all of this, I’m impressed with President Macron not just jumping on the bandwagon but calling for cast iron proof that it was indeed Russia before condemning them…

Macron has spoken to TM this morning and agreed there is no other plausible explanation. Measures will be taken in the coming days.

Well Macron has thought it all through.
He is not a bull in a china shop.

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I hope she does what is right; and not pander to “political interest”.

As regards to why Putin is perhaps could be seen as a little keen to keep on the side or to favour Trump etc… just look into the Bill Browder story of what the Russians tried to do to him, because of what he found out and reported on. ( not sure if i posted about this guy before or not ; but there could be some ongoing relevance… ie the Maginsky Act).

I’m not generally for conspiracy theories, but I can’t think why Russia/Putin would have sanctioned using a nerve agent, knowing what the response would be. If they/he wanted the ex spy dead, they would have "disappeared " him when they had him in custody. They/he wants a divided Europe and NATO with rifts between Europe and the US. This could only create a greater level of unity.

The only people who could possibly gain are the Americans, maybe NATO and definitely the arms manufacturers by creating greater defence spending through a new “cold war”, something that Russia probably can’t afford.

However, we only know what we are told, what “they” want us to know! Maybe the truth will come out one day, when and if it does the ramifications for either side (or both) could be embarrassing at best.