Britain prepares for star wars

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Thank heavens for DT’s Space Force !

To infinity and beyond…

To idiocy & beyond, maybe


How much are they going to borrow for that I wonder?

Shouldn’t need too much - Wallace and Gromit have an “oven ready solution” and I think they can be hired for a kilo of Wensleydale and a year’s subscription to “Engineering for Dogs”


Maybe they can strap laser weapons onto the low orbit GPS satellites they’re going to launch from Woomera, or somewhere. Mind you, the orbit is so low maybe they can launch by balloon. After all ,it is only hot air - Boom Boom as Basil Brush used to say :rofl:

Maybe they can launch something piloted by BoJo and Cummings?

Chuckled out loud at that, @ptf Paul.

(kilo of W and E for D) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: