Britain wants to deport the Windrush children

People whose parents never regularised their position when they came to UK at the request of the British government, are now being served papers telling them that they are illegal and must and return to their parent’s country.
These are people who have lived all their lives and contributed to the wealth of UK and if they are being treated in such a way, do we, who many in the UK givernment see as deserters, stand any chance of a fair deal?
The UK government is acting like the USA in its treatment of the dreamers, which I find appalling.


British justice pah… Remember how they treated the Gurkhas?


I see people being asked to prove they are here legally. here are some of the sources for folks to read

here is a petition.


Well done Harry. We will sign the petition.


The Home Office is not fit for purpose.
I heard a comment recently by Kevin Macquire of Daily Mirror fame who described Amber Rudd as being out of her depth in a puddle.
I can’t argue with that.


i just linked to provide a bit of info for folks who read the post.

I think the government is looking to find a solution but its not easy given that this should have been done in 1971 by Edward Heath.

So there is a lot that needs to be done.

I am sure at the end of it it will be sorted out properly. There was another story that showed people claiming to have been here even though they had not. Not from a source I know so I haven’t linked it.

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My Mum’s neighbour is 92 years old and from Jamaica. He fought in the second world war and came to the UK on the Windrush in 1947. He met and married a white woman in the late 40s and you can only imagine the prejudice they endured.

Despite his age he helps out all the “old folk” on his street and has looked out for my Mum since my Dad died in 2005. He’s a truly lovely man.


Not unlike the Grenfell ‘survivors’ issue then Harry.
There will always be people who try to cheat the system but when the system is made particularly difficult - as in the case of the so called Windrush children 50 years on, asking them to present 4 pieces of evidence for each and every year of their legal residence in the UK is an impossible task. What is particularly distressing is the number of people who sought assistance from the Home Office only to find themselves removed to a detention centre as an illegal immigrant! Some have already been removed from the country…
What a despicable way to deal with people who helped rebuild Britain after the war; working in hospitals, schools and the like.
Many Govt depts/agencies already have info on these people to verify their status - HMRC, Social Security Dept, DVLC et al. Could you find 4 pieces of evidence (if required to do so) for each and every year of your residence in the UK? I very much doubt it.
The PM has now said she will (is going to be) become involved in this now so it was announced at lunch time today as she will meet Commonwealth leaders who are already assembled in Britain.
These children of the immigrants who came to Britain all those years ago are subjects of the Crown.
Whilst she seems so happy to use the Royal Prerogative to wage war on Syria why can’t she put these powers to good use for a change and resolve the mess left by Heath?

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just to quote the full sentence.

Yes now she has agreed to meet which should have happened ages ago. It may be an old goverment at fault for not making sure people had documents.

Please do lin the source of your saying people have already been deported because as far as ive read its all still in a process right now and no one from windrush has yet been removed from the country. I have just looked quickly for a source stating this but found nothing.

I did just find the same story on twitter saying some windrush people may have been deported…

So just found the news story, no one has admitted pike it states. What they did say that potentially some people may have been but its being looked at and these people will be invited back if it proves they were deported when they were a windrush person. The problem is they need some proof. the people likely who got deported have zero proof, ie there is no evidence what soever they were here pre windrush. This is the big problem the media twists whats said. let us wait for the evidence to come in and then and only then can we judge it on all its merits. bit like Syria welcoming investigators who are now being denied access. everyone says its fake chemical attack yet syria and russia refuse access to anyone but their own tests and witnesses. THE NEWS twists what they like and refuses to publish that which contradicts.

from no less than the Home Secretary herself… Her I,igration Minister admited as much to JoCo on the Daily Politics show on BBC2 this lunchtime and it was confirmed in the HoC…

Amber Rudd has been forced to apologise profusely to these people.
A shame nobody thought about it before all the furore and all this ill treatment could have been avoided.


I have long been of the opinion that The Home Office has not been under control for many years and represents a malign influence in government. The culture of the department seems to contaminate the politicians who have the “good fortune” to be appointed to office. Ken Clarke seems to have been one of the few to escape with his humanity intact.


Seems the Government don’t know if anyone has been deported? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what a ‘shambles’!

They know all right… They paid for the passage and provided the facility to travel without valid documents…

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James O’Brien nails it again…


Thanks Simon for that, brilliant.
Disgusting treatment, hope we don’t fall foul of similar. :thinking:

have not got time to search for evidence. when making quotes of thigs like this:

is it possible to provide the link where ou sourced this information.

And it turns out that the order to destroy the original landing cards was taken by… Labour government in 2009

The landing cards only proved that people arrived in the UK. They most certainly did not prove residence or immigration status. It was the change in the law in 2014 by the Tories that caused this current scandal. They knew that the landing cards had been destroyed as it was done in 2010 when they were in government. May will do anything to pass the buck and lay blame elsewhere. She and Rudd are shameless.