British Business Owners In France

AS usual James is pushing forward in directions to help British business owners in France, also to help support SFN.

I have just read and article on another English/French forum, of how another British business owner is shutting down Mr 10% at Lombez.

We all come here, most of us need to make a living. Some are lucky enough to get full time employment, some of us try to provide a service, including places like this, SFN.

We all need your support or there will be no forums like SFN and very few British business’s who provides services to the British. I Know of at least two other service providers to the British who are struggling.

For it to succeed business’s need to pay for their adverts and customers need to buy their products or services.

Thats what helps the world go round.

Tony Cox

Hi Tony,

I've recently joined SFN and am only just getting to grips with it all. My name's Lynda Racher and I offer Business and Career Coaching in France and beyond. I'm a member of the International Coaching Federation, and am based just outside of Toulouse. From time to time I run a series of business 'nuts & bolts' workshops, along with one-to-one coaching sessions. The Career Coaching is only on a one-to-one basis at the moment, but that may change in the future.

I'd like to sign up to the banner ad, and will use the blue links already mentioned by Steve. I've started re-organising my website, and hope it will be finished by the end of next week, but in the mean time, feel free to check out my "work in progress" at or visit my fb page

Lynda Racher

Following on from the new SFN business owners page. I am very interested to see what other buisiness owners are members. It would be also good to see where they are based and what they do. I know there is already a group but it’s probably surprising how many businss’s are connected to this site but we just don’t know.

My reason for asking is to see if you offer something that may be of interest to me and other members. Maybe as business owners, we could find ways of helping each other promote our business’s.

If you run your own business and would be interested in forming a group on SFN, to try and help and promote each others business. Then reply to this with a few details of your business and where you are based.

Tony Cox

I see so far there are 18 wise business owners, who have taken advantage of this great offer that James has made on the new business page. I don’t know how many members on this site run their own business, but me thinks it’s a lot more than 18. The more who advertise, the more reasons for people to view. We need to keep those adverts coming, this is a great opportunity at a very reasonable rate.
So come on you business owners, you have to speculate to get those rewards. If you are a member and you think this is a good way to support the forum, go and press the like button on this discussion. That will give a show of support. (by the way the support is for the forum not for me)

Tony Cox

Thanks Kim!

I have paid my first €8.00, great opportunity :slight_smile:

Done! :slight_smile:

It’s a really good idea - signed up and just sent our banner to James. Looking forward to seeing it up there! :slight_smile:

It will be good to see your business with a presence on here Nikki. There must be more business owners out there who would love to join our select group of advertiser’s.

Tony Cox

What an excellent idea and such good value - I didn’t manage to get mine done fast enough (busy with Gardening Club today), but am more than happy to pay 8 euros a month.

Hi Shelby,

Yes you can! Just go here and click on the blue button at the top of the page, when you’ve checked out with PayPal (you don’t need an account) you can email the banner to and it will go online immediately :slight_smile:



I would love to do this. 8€ a month is nothing! I am American though. Can I still place my ad?

Come on all you business owners, €8 a month, to be on the same page as all those other brightly coloured adverts. It’s got to be worth it. Twelve banners so far, it would be good to see another twenty.

Thanks Tony. I’ll have to put it in the body of an email or some such.
It’s really just a question of wording & layout

I am not the best at it Bob but to help a good cause send me what you want and I will do it for you.

Tony Cox

I’d like to sign up for the banner deal, but am a computing dunce. My question to the panel would therefore be “if I were to send details of wording, could someone cleverer than I, make it into something resembling a banner?”

Hi Colin

You can sign up for this on the Business Owners page here

Kind regards


When my free month is up with my ScrewPak advert. I will openly agree to subscribe to this new idea for €8 per month.

Come on other business owners lets get 30 or 40 business’s on this new page. Lets support this great forum.

Tony Cox