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my OH has a british Landrover which he uses to go back and forth to England no problems so far, but now he stays in France for longer than 6 months and the english insurance company suggests we get it insured and taxed here instead . Should we, must we, and if so what does it entail ?< I guess there is a wall of papers to climb over. We have a french car here but the OH loves his Landrover and won't part with it

I read James was bringing a car over so I suspect he has experience of the process. However,can anyone enlighten me as what we need to do please ,or point me in the right direction to find out . Also does said Landrover need to have any modifications made to comply with french law?..


Here is what you need first:

Then you need a ID, proof of residence/address, your UK registration certificate. But then it becomes tricky: this "certificat de Conformité Europeen" (issued by Land Rover France) and something that you are the real owner of the Landi wi=hich must be issued by the Centre des Impots. Finally the CT not older then 6 mois. That's it. I know a Land Rover garagist in Uzes, he did all this in 1 day for my son... There is not big fuss if you let this being done through a registered French company. But if you have a old-timer it might be better to stick to your UK reg. I left mine on German registration because of tax very little insurance, its an old RR. Insurance I can recommend Blair in Monaco.

Of course you still have to pay the UK road tax though

that seems a simple solution for the moment will check out the site thanks

hi I'm sure James can fill you in on the paperwork for the land rover assuming you need a european certificate of conformity and there are lots of discussions on importing a UK car in France if you search in the search bar which cover this area in general.

For the immediate period, we use stuart collins 364 day green card for insurance through AXA UK. As long as the car spends 1 day in the UK each year you are covered which is how my hubby gets round the hassle of extended green card.