British citizen wants to go back to France to work

I am a French journalist (working for international news agency AFP). I lived for 15 years with my British partner in France before Brexit.

We have been PACSed for 11 years but have lived out of France for the last 4 years. We have two French children.

My partner is worried about the work/visa situation for when we return to live in France this summer. He would like to go back to English teaching, which he did for 15 years before we left.

Do you know a person who could help him to sort out the bureaucraty ?

He would be grateful if he could speak to someone on the phone/ By Zoom about his case. He has a few questions and it would be much easier for him than exchanging emails.

If you know someone who is ok to help us you can send me a PM on Facebook (Sophie Deviller, picture of a golden statue). Many thanks for your help! Sophie Deviller

There are some people who call the selves “handholders”, but are in general unqualified and unregulated so they could give good advice, or they could get you into a big mess. In my view it is best to do the research and then just follow the steps, especially as you speak French it should be straightforward. Stick to official sites which are updated.

Have you had any thought of getting married? As PACS makes no difference to immigration rules, but married partners of French citizens can get spousal visas with no problems.

If not, then step one is to check the visa he needs. Start here:

The result may be “yes”, but he may qualify for a family reunion visa if your children are minors and he supports them. And that is then easy as you just arrive using the Schengen exemption and within first 90 days he applies for a free titre de séjour.

Bit if it is yes, then step two is to check the details of which visa which has to be applied for from the UK and costs about £99.

Many thanks for your reply.

As far as teaching goes I believe it is necessary to be an EU citizen to work in French state schools, but he could apply for jobs in the private sector once he has his titre de séjour. Again you will find the information on the government webpages.

I am curious as to why someone sufficiently qualified to teach in France and who has lived in France for 15 years doesn’t feel up to dealing with this himself and why his pacsée who is French comes here to ask for help rather than him.
Bizarre bizarre :blush:
Feel free to say I have a nasty suspicious mind.


You have a nasty suspicious mind Vero! :crazy_face:


You say you are French and a journalist but obviously not an investigative one. The best place to start is your French consular service or embassy in the country in which you live. Or a relevant authority in France.
On a non specialized forum like this one you may well get 10 answers and they’d be half right half the time.


No this isn’t correct, I work in a state lycée and that is fine with my CDS.

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You are a contractuelle though aren’t you? It is only tricky if you want to do the capes or the agreg.

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Yes, good point. I’d forgotten I’d read that for the CAPES